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Think to work around right now the first major storm of the season now churning near the Florida Keys. It's expected to make landfall near the Tampa area overnight. Lieutenant governor Jeanette Nunes says residents across the state need to be prepared right now we have tropical storm warnings for 22 counties along Florida's West Coast, and a Hurricane watch is now in effect for the Florida coast, stretching from Pinellas to Dixie in Massachusetts 11 members of a militia group who led an hours long standoff. By 95 outside Boston Saturday are appearing in court today on firearms and other charges. Police say the heavily armed men got out of their vehicles on a highway near Wakefield and fled into the woods. That group said to be part of the Moorish sovereign ideology. Police say none of the men had a license to carry firearms. Weekend ransomware attack has created a ripple effect worldwide. The ransomware attack launched over the July 4th weekend targeted Cassia, a software company that serves I T firms, which in turn handle back off his tech work for small businesses, as many as 1500 of them became victims. These are dentists, accountants restaurants, a supermarket chain in Sweden. There was never a threat to critical infrastructure in the United States, but the hackers believed to be Russia based demanded as much as $70 million to restore affected machine. ABC is Aaron Carter. Ski Today marks six months since the January 6th attacks, Authorities have arrested more than 500 suspects so far connected to the siege. You're listening to ABC News Arizona's new station news station, KTVK Our on Air 92 3 FM online at K t a r dot com and streaming Live on the K to our news app. You're breaking news and traffic. Now it's 902. I'm Jeff Munn. Here's our top story about Phoenix Suns run to the championship Suns fans anxiously awaiting the team's first NBA Finals appearance in nearly three decades. Tonight, the team takes on the Milwaukee box. The big question being will bucks forward Yanis on Telecom Po play. Sun Center, DeAndre Ayton says Even if he does, he's ready for the matchup. Basically, just being the first man on defense, um,.

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