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Uh Billy what do you mean you think would make a good Santa vast. I'd like I like to walk that back a a little bit if I could because I feel like people aren't really going to fully understand what I'm saying here. I said that I think I saw the art of coaching yesterday. And I said that I think Ulla check would make a good Santa and I want to walk that back. I think he would make a great Santa hold on a second the art of coaching here. How many have you seen it How many of you have seen it okay? So we've got a while everybody what I was there opening night. Man Wait a minute. Are you kidding me. You guys always say you're gonna go see things and you never. I say you never go and actually see them. You're telling me everyone saw Bella check in Savin sitting around talking Yup. I didn't have to go anywhere. Sat on my couch was amazing. Why did we raise as our hands like we were in school on radio? I was actually doing something else. I didn't mean raise my hand going into it. I was clearly the most excited for it and I haven't gotten around. Jokic told me last night was the night. Yeah just ended up not being the night. Can I ask you guys something in the modern age of entertainment options. Do you find that you're falling behind that you simply can't watch most of what you want to get to. Everyone's telling me to watch the watchman I'm I'm still not don was succession. It's it's and then at least I appreciate what the man delorean's them because it's like one episode of Week and I'm like this is refreshing. I don't feel the pressure of being exploded down. Yeah yeah and I feel like everyone does what I do. which is you have in your phone? A little notepad restart writing things down and you want to get you. Don't get any of it. The list just grow. How long as your? How long has your wish list on things that you put away in a queue to watch law day Islam I've had milk on my dvr since two eight? Yep a mine is long. I just can't can't find it anyway. I'm sorry billy I interrupted you. You were telling US why Bill belichick would make a great mall. Santa so I was watching the art of coaching. And I wasn't sure how I'd feel about them. I was interested and obviously these two guys are at the top of what they do. And they're you know they're geniuses in their own crafts that's right and for whatever reason bill belichick came off as super likable nick. Sabin Kinda came off as Nick Sabin like. I'd see him kind of the coaching clips. That they'd shown one is like yeah. That's that's what I expect from Nick. Sabin I didn't dislike him for watching it but bill belichick. I was like you know what this just seems like a guy like. He's just a guy I hang now with him. I feel like he'd be Santa and when he's with his family he's like a totally different person. You just like to listen to this jolly guy talked to billy. He's a jolly guy. No Oh you have you. Have you seen it. Oh Jolly Guy. I'll watch right now. Jolly Guy Billy is right. He is jolly. It's GonNa Change Your Perspective on Bill. Belgium Sabin Dan they show him on the silent. He always looks like he just had a bunch of sour patch. Kids are warheads but you see him talking with his players and he's like just super supportive that come on guys. You're better than this. But he has scallon is facing like. Oh my God. He's probably saying these horrible things just like I'll leave in you and it's like Whoa Bill. Really Nice Guy Sometimes cheech. Maybe we're getting to the bottom. That not sure on that but really nice guy. I didn't buy the opening scene. That's two guys was talking about yesterday. In the opening scene they walk into savings officer visit Alabama and they kind of give a looked all the guys all the TV people like hey give us like five ten minutes before we record we would want to say what's up Chris. There was no Bell Jack. Dodoma get out. Yeah and then they do and they're like okay. We'll turn off the cameras except one of them and then they sit down and you'd think that that would be to get out of here. We want actually have some personal conversation. They get right in taxes the nose so it's really odd so stugotz to that the first scene there nick savings office which I thought was weird. That bill belichick was like everybody get Outta here but even that Dan he's like Hey You know we. We may want to talk to each other. Spend a couple minutes together. And they're like so. Do you want us to leave. New like Maybe we might want that to happen. But he wasn't forced to like get fatty fatty or I'm bill belichick which I know what you're thinking. That's what he does now what he does now what he does just We may want a couple and then they started talking about. So what did you do with the cornerback on that play. Oh I saw this play out days and it was so strain on the wall they care about and your family. This is We've talked about this before. Right those coaches sometimes. It's not even even in their family. We've talked about how obsessive that job is how these guys are obsessive. Compulsive eighteen hours a day. Got To work harder than the next guy because Same Attitude Steven naismith articulated in that G. Q.. Magazine piece. That gave Stu gods goosebumps get that quote micro the same idea of I if if I'm resting that other coaches beating me and gaining an advantage The thing it's not surprising to me at all that Bella check can. Ns often when he goes on his boat with Jimmy Johnson and they're drinking beers. The conversations between them are are loose and Free Bella check just recently recently in these last two pieces the NFL network and this one that you guys are watching on HBO. He's given himself more freely in terms of putting himself the votes in front of the cameras and talking about the things that he wants to talk about the fire him up like football history and top one hundred players. Bella Check has little to God's in it he wants to do the top player. Who Does it? Oh you think you want to Co host the show with us when we potty. Maybe maybe we can catch him like dietrich just shirtless clevelander Interpol. That's my boy told to G. Hey wait a minute. Train is Dontrelle Willis. What do you mean billy? Don't start pastore with his friendship with Dietrich. It was so ridiculous.

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