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That's canada's plan. Ken is as five. Fifty hopefully can bring that one the boys that could bring about one quickly. The cauca copy jump into mlb for tonight you got anything landed phillies smiley nola. No thank you. I stay away from them to high smileys been bad again as last three but wasn't is lost to eleven four earned. I'm not touching that walker bueller and jt brubaker. I and thought about taking the bucks night. But i couldn't do it so i'm staying away. Yeah no thank you New york and baltimore. I believe it's a battle of lefties. David peterson and bruce. Zimmerman got anything there. I would lean orioles here. Yeah absolutely was too. I mean peterson has lasted. Both stinks remains last to ten. And a third three earned yeah. I'm not touching sense and taylor versus. Yeah supposed to be yesterday starter. Pablo lopez so. I don't know what's going on there now out of miami. Yeah they're marlins are way too heavy a favorite here since zale has been good his last four. But i'm not touching this same framework valdez versus marty perez houston versus boston taking marty. Yeah figure blast five twenty nine two thirds six earned valdez last time out seven innings. One hundred ten ks. He's been good he might be do starts right. Valdez might be due for one if you know what i'm saying. Yeah i'll take the socks plus a half centigrade you're taking for against milwaukee. Yeah i don't love it. But i'll i'll go with sonya again. Are you going to the matthew. Boyd will know i am the ems. Are i five. Wagon tony marco. Gonzalez more boyd's last four. He's gone twenty and eighteen earned. Marco gonzalez came back from injury last time out four innings. One earned so. Yeah i'll take the plus a half The better team here as well Lester versus glass now glass. Now's a huge favourite. Yeah anything they're now leicester's to he's been decent one earned and eat so i'm not touching we talk about bounceback a bounce bag here. Yes sir alex no would i know i know giants i five deep best record in the majors. Miles has been good lately. I need bounce back times now. Alex is now so full. 'this obese. I'm not going to start doing that in. Have you need that though. Yeah by the way said it yesterday. Don't bet on fucking guys making their first start. That didn't laugh at anything. I was very surprised that we have rules for a reason because without rules it's chaos felt like that was a forced one. It was a little bit only three games yesterday. Jordan montgomery and michael new york at minnesota. I'm playing this one. No you're going governor. Montgomery last time out six and the third three earned pineda last time out three innings. Seven hits five earned. I'll take the plus a half tone owned the twins and pretty much forever. Robbie ray and carlos road bone another battle of left. He's i believe we know how good the white sox have been against lefties. We know how good carlos ronan has been. I think he gave him a little bit his last last time. Five hundred and six. I was looking for white sox here but i believe the price was too much for me. It was like mice. What did you get it. Then you take this game minus forty five. Oh it's one forty two. I'm taking the sox. Monday line here robbie ray i'm not. I'm not sold on them. I'm really thinking about joining you on this one. Yeah mice one. Forty two on the white sox buckingham in bucket. I'm in boy. Let's go come on. So i'll get a looney. I'm all saab. I believe on on this game. I i don't like doing this either. I hate my pick tonight. Shane bieber versus carlos martinez carlos. Martinez is a pro. Shane bieber anti carlos. Martinez pick here. I'm playing the half laying off. I'm to lay the half with cleveland to get it to mayes one fourteen straight up on line. It was minus one seventy. I mean it's not. It's not great value but yeah i don't up ten in. What two thirds third explicit and only gave up six hits. He walked four like. Yeah i gotta take paper here. Yeah chris. Booby who andrew. Haines actually been pretty decent as of lately so i stayed away from this one. I'm going back with boo bitch. Been good to me. Last time out already wasn't great. I'll take the royals here. Plus a half arizona to oakland. We talked to somebody called and it was those animal. Animal caught in and took chris bassett minus one and a half. I believe. yeah. I'm laying the minus half with the athletics okay. Bath says they're both on that. And then zach davies versus old dino. No favorite for dino. Yeah that's absurd. Number has been terrible. So that's what we have the their See we got on this. Oh by the way. Welcome fucking roosen. Striking guaranteed knockout. That was the that was the pick of the century guaranteed knockout. that was. They say we don't talk with me on. This show now killed them. Raw killed them. Buchan ruses try guaranteed mets to lead after thirty tonight. No thanks don't like it. They're both tampa in colorado to win. I like it youtube. Yeah but we've been wrong before. I plus two forty kept or dj to win the palmetto championship. Which is this weekend brand new tournament Normally they go to canada this week. can't boris closed. Only only nhl playoff teams allowed in canada. So we'll talk to. We'll talk to martin. Was something different about tournament going on but it's a week before the us open. So i'm not going to bet on these guys to give a fuck this week. It's probably not going to take that one cocoa goff to win the core of the courtroom final quarter finals. Quarter-finals mid revenue. Cut the camera. Shame because it was good. A short cocoa when ross. Still go shopping. Asraf is still federal. Boss i believe it was in fucking was in a match today. How long is this tournament. The four-month six buick gmc pause. This city is dona against the number two ranked medveded. He is up two sets to zero. Who i believe. Who's air guida. In what do. I dialed eilon donnellan. Thank you done on Other odds with stick with anthony. Cold leonard and donovan mitchell to score thirty points each..

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