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You know you just disappeared like hey i'm really sorry rhetoric do you want your phone back i'm holding in my hand it's right next to me for more information on that found that i really needed number measured is more important than the phone after an and things like that i really i have been through some of the pictures actually hissy you might kelly clarkson i know my personal information i feel our aided now all right tell me how i can get it back okay i'll email you will is convenient for me from your email address how bad i do that no you back home by getting married in three weeks at all my in getting married i didn't want to talk to you of cars you seemed to be wearing their engagement ring that night what was one time with my round your finger on the user at the bar to go up in by drink concerning kennewick man i from gary chocolate fair play i have something of yours now it could break it anymore because i'm not a loser you're the one zero one scrounging around for free drinks wines from me then i want you to break off your engagement saturday to find you have you bet you'll soon for a felony aggravated i'm going to jail all right address or call travel you're gonna call you back on your extension before he got that many caller that right now you can listen very honest ikea.

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