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Grease. Yeah so i mean. They took a big step defensively. They're pushing and eight. They also have Bor near in he's going to be like the backup now for lockwood. So i mean that's a great goalie system right there i would say i mean obviously bernier. He played with the with the red wings. Bernie bernie sorry confused purcell. Sorry sorry but they have an amazing top pairing of graves and hamilton. Now ty smith really young really great promising future paired up with david davis everson. And then you've got pk. Ending out rounding that out your bottom six looks good. He got miles would in there so in jasper footba bo quick. Both focus vocalist both vist. Whatever and then your top six looks red. mean on. Y'all urge jackie's dylan. You'll see. I think he has one more year left. And then he's an fe and then peop- he contract comes off the books so you'll be able to make more moves and at the time is only pushes them into a playoff spot. I do well. Well no division in the metro. It's gonna be tough but they're going to make incredible steps forward this season. What's interesting me is how good the atlantic is too so there won't there might not even be a wildcard spot. Set for somebody. The metropolitan new might just be the three three top metropolitan teams. You know the atlantic salonika. You got boston's boston. No charles end up. So you have the bruins lightning panthers right there. That's the three gonna fall off when say very disappointing exit. This season and i'm not too familiar with their moves this off season. I don't really know if they much didn't make much which is good which is not good for fell as hard as they fell. 'cause they're reversing tampa but it wasn't even a match up. It was like and all the games were super close during the same division with them. okay florida's three floors three. I'll give i'm not saying three. I'm just saying that. Their top teams and then toronto to the good regular season. Ta lock right there. I think that's fourth rondos lock. Then maybe you're lucky if the canadians don't get in which. I don't think that's not even lucky..

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