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Which is a defunct news organization or whatever it's kind of a bizarre name an early get it first time i heard the name i thought it was like a restaurant i had no idea i had no idea it was an actual news network right that's so al jazeera america a couple of years ago released this documentary in which they accuse peyton manning and some other athletes have pd us and it was mostly targeting peyton manning right and there was a guy who was a part of the documentary and there's a couple of layers to this documentary where the guy accused manning of having hgh sent to his house and other locations around the country but that peyton manning would have it addressed to his wife to wear this hgh in these shipments would go to peyton manning but they'd be addressed to his wife and then the guy backtracked on his comments but it was on video to where there were associates that came to the house to threaten him those were reportedly associates peyton manning's peyton manning denied it all even threatened to sue but you'll definitely never did so that story was out there you know couple in minutes it's die down people kinda loose loose focus on it and lose sight of of that whole story enough dino something that happened a couple of years ago paid manage retired and all that stuff so on friday this story resurfaced courtesy of the hollywood reporter who sang amongst other things and in a in a long article but the cliff's notes version the short abbreviated version was that peyton manning's lawyers confirmed much of what this individual in the documentary said about peyton manning having hgh shipments sent his wife and him going to the clinic late at night having that stuff ship to peyton manning's wife with her name on it so this court document that leaked on friday is saying that peyton manning's lawyers confirmed that like they confirmed a lot of what this guy said they don't say specifically what they are confirming but they do confirm a lot of what this guy said so peyton manning's agent comes out he denies it of course and they could do that whole that over eighteen he makes a statement or whatever they couldn't conduct peyton manning they managed agent makes the statement and it seems like a he said he said situation like everybody's pointing fingers.

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