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Defensive players will make up five of the top six picks in the NFL draft. So basically what we're saying we think is going to go one of the possibility of twain Haskins going six to the giants will that happen or warning quite I I think the giants are still I know there's the smoke blowing right now of the defensive player, which I think they may go, but I think they're gonna quarterback. I'm gonna shove this one. I think to quarterback over the top sick. I'm gonna shove this for that. But I don't I don't necessarily think it has to be the giants. I think someone is going find their way in there and make sure that court another quarterback is taken within those tops because I'll say again, I wouldn't take the number one. If I were the car, I am going to love it. And I think the story of the draft is gonna be the free fall of quarterback out of the top five. Okay. That tot take right there. I've been saying this for months, you can't say something for months BNB taking saying. Love shove WinCo. He's been radio news. Josh Rosen is better than every quarterback in the twenty nineteen draft loved her seven show that I didn't love Josh Rosen last year. I think he's okay. I just I think doing Haskins better quarterback. Josh rosen. I don't love it. I'm gonna love it. I really like Josh Rosen coming out last year mentioned before I picked him in our dating game. And yeah, I think he's gotten a bad rap because volatility I love it as well. I like him coming out last year quarterback announced a rough year form, but I think they should hang out..

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