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Welcome to Museum archipelago I'm in Elsner. Museum, Archipelago Guides you through the rocky landscape of museums. Each episode is never longer than fifteen minutes. So. Let's get started. John, Gilmore Riley was born enslaved on the Tallahassee Florida plantation in eighteen fifty seven John Gilmore ride into slavery about three blocks from here after slavery ended each owns education for career and became the first black principle of the nick of high school that was built to provide an education for newly freed slaves and their descendants here where we're sitting in right now is the John G Reilly House and museum in what is now basically downtown Tallahassee and this is Alpha means barnes the founding director of the museum. The My name is Al to these farms and the founding director of the John Gilmore Rally. Research Center and Museum. The Executive Director and I've been that for twenty four years the John G Reilly House a handsome two story Wood House sits in the same neighborhood as the older well-kept plantation homes Tallahassee. Eighteen fifty seven was the center of Florida's plantation economy assistant built almost entirely on enslaved labor enslaved people outnumbered white people three to one of the two, hundred and seventy nine white families living here in eighteen sixty, nearly two thirds owned at least. One person wants the slavery system down was eliminated in the area. A lot of the properties remained a part of that establishment and a lot of the blacks worked on the plantation remained in the area over time of the blast mood Dan. So ultimately, it became this African American enclave call it, and it's swear over eighty families settled around the eighteen seventies. The families had stores, they had churches, they have school that operated out of. John Ame Church, they had a with yard. It was a pretty much self sustaining community. They had pretty much everything that was needed, which was important because it was during the days of Segregation Vedra segregation. So they were limited in terms of of they could go to shop ready to could go for entertainment what have you and during the period of crow and black codes this neighborhood, this enclave became known as smokey hollow why the name smoke our younger. we have among the fact, but smoke Allah grew out of the fact that okay. It's an all black community. So a lot of the more out say undesirable elements ended up in smoke hall. So you had the electric station, the first electric building, the incinerator were all decisions trash was.

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