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Soccer and most parts of the world in gridiron is our football and then of course there's my sport which was rugby and so these guys to make the nfl it's virtually impossible they make millions and millions of dollars in their career is over and so what we're gonna be talking about today is that money does it make you rich that's the theme we have three experts in this failed because a lived at there in the twenties and sometimes teens and they become multimillionaire what happens to you when all that money it's you that's the theme of the show and how many people actually go broke first let's talk to my friend rod rod was a quick synopsis of how you went from high school through pro real quickly i ball's on drafted you know how to 'cause i was on drafted because when belong people who all over the world that don't put does that mean you know they they have a draft team chooses you and i didn't get drafted and so why they kill you all lined up and they only choose the got the got they're going to choose players and your number six two to hundreds of players and i was number two hundred one yeah no so you know the nfl to have a draft it's over two hundred seven players seven rounds of draft picks with twenty thirty two teams and you know i'm sitting there at my at my house they're in college and wade no my name never came and so it was very heartbreaking tonight get drafted but i got a chance to sign as a free agent with the broncos right after school and took advantage of it and went to work as fantastic and you'd be played how many years with the broncos play fourteen years so going from undrafted the plan fourteen years in one city was absolutely remarkable guys are still trying to figure out how did it.

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