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Everything and that's why I love much because I. Like all over the place, you can probably tell and I don't like routine spontaneity and I like when things are different and so like for me like when you're touring and stuff like that kind of gets you get in a routine you're doing a pretty similar show every night and all that kind of stuff in. So songwriting like the, it's the question mark for me. It's like you never know when you're GONNA get inspired. You never know what you're going to write. You never know how it's going to turn out or where it's GonNa live if it's GonNa make out if it's not if it's going to be the song changes like you just never know and I think to me, that's what's so exciting like it's just a question mark so I don't know like this last. It was written all over the place mostly on the road because I was touring so much mostly tour bus honestly but like the the next project I'm sure will be a lot more isolated because that's a rat now. So it just kinda depends. Yeah. Yeah and I mean. I watched your persona of Song Land because I loved Song Lands, which is why like but I like hearing you talk so much about the songwriting because it does connect with obviously with that would that show was about and better luck next time I thought was awesome. So there's really like a cool combination there and it was like the first kind of show that they've ever really focused on the actual. On the actual writing what's like when you hear a song that is written by someone else what is Do you have a method on kind of how you tweak it or like. To try and make it. Sound like yourself I've only done that twice because I realize I really liked to be like from the ground up idea. One is Song Land One was. Next time in I mean the whole point for me going on the show personally I, was like I want to come out of this with something that I would have never written. I WANNA come out of this was a song that would have never happened if I had not show and so that's why I chose not song because it was like I love this this challenge is vocally but like let's go you know and that one I wrote the second person the bridge I got to be involved but it was his, you know his baby I was. The only other time I've done, that was a song on this album out the way I used to and. I was I had this friend, her name Steph Jones. She's an incredible writer and her voices like stupid. She's so good and. She. We were on the way to go riot and I was like I'm not mood like I don't have any idea tank's empty. Can you display me some stuff that you've written that you love and she played the demo of this guy singing the chorus of the way I use Joe, like sounded like a bieber track and I was like. I don't know what this isn't. I don't know why feel strongly about it but I need to be involved in the song she was like, okay and so I like had this course Guy Bieber asked sounding demo and I was like, how do I make it with the rest of this album is so we she the writers were Nice enough to like actually let me hop in and rewrite a lot of it and And now it's the one that you hear on the album. But this the only two times that I've taken an idea that wasn't mine in like yeah. Yeah and go ahead REA-. Insane go ahead you were mid go go go. Will we ever have an an interview where we don't do that I don't. And so it's hard when we're not in the same place. What I was going to say, Oh, why I was GONNA say was looking back on your instagram. I did see you know you're recording in the. Linen closet like was, is that how a lot of this new album was recorded and you know how I guess involved was your husband and all this if you need someone to help and. I'm assuming you're just with him. No I that's what I was working on what I was saying earlier like when I was just like I'm GonNa make a new album like that's what you on. This only project has come together in the last two months and so a lack I made it all with one person Jimmy Robbins and then we we went into the studio. It was actually really crazy in there were three musicians and they were all spaced out and wearing masks in like. It was just it was so different than anything else I've experienced but yet we actually all got in the room together and massed up like the Al. Lives. Okay well, that's good at least. You get a friendly there. Yeah. That's yeah. That must feel like does feel weird at first then you kinda get adjusted and you're like all right. This is the new normal or is it like weird? The whole time? It's weird the whole time I also like I'm such a hugger. That's like love language like I. WanNa. Hug You I like I. Want to high five UN things down good like that's how I want to be involved in. So I can't even like read people's faces anymore not like it and you don't even know if they're smiling be just so mad behind that mask and you just have no idea. Yeah, I liked you hate this like I don't know. Yeah Yeah. You also mentioned the song that you did with Halsey the other girl what's your relationship with hoc- because I fall we love her I'm obsessed with her and it seems like you guys have such a great friendship now. Yeah she's the best. So I. I met her when she played Nashville couple of years ago now but I've been a fan of for years like I just bought a ticket and one is a fan and she found out I was there and invited me backstage afterwards with a couple of my friends that I went last and And we ended up hanging out until they left to the airport the next day. So how we became really fast friends that I think you know like where around the same age and like we're just kind of wired the same way in a lot of ways where like we care a lot about putting out quality stuff in connecting with people through it and Using our platform for for good and. Then, also just being young women like trying to run a business and do it well, and like not feel like people are doing it for us and all of that stuff like we just clicked and so anyway, I wrote other girl..

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