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Koa newsradio time to thirty around the nation including several colorado cities and towns hundreds marching and protesting against us immigration policies demonstrators urging the quick reunification of families separated at the border as italy vows to close its ports to migrants for the summer more than one hundred or feared dead after their boat capsized in the mediterranean italy's farright interior minister mateo savini said humanitarian rescue boats this summer we'll see italy only on postcards he said italy will close its ports to what he called illegal migrants he made the statement after europe reached a deal to set up migrant processing centers in europe on a voluntary basis but it's not clear what countries will host the centers or taken refugees meanwhile the libyan coast guard says it recovered the bodies of three children and rescued sixteen people after their boat sank about one hundred people are missing megan williams abc news rome our next update at three david ko koa newsradio eight fifty eight am and ninety four one fm while the biggest headache is still up north we have a crash right twenty five southbound near eighty fourth avenue we have stop and go traffic as a result all the way back to one hundred and twentieth other crash southbound i twenty five approaching bellevue looks like that's in the final cleanup stages but we still have backup sti to twenty five to twenty five back to yosemite we do have another crash southbound santa fe approaching dartmouth no major delays there and we have a crash off highway seventeenth and low boulevard cbs four weather partly cloudy.

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