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Mediterranean cut but I don't know if you knew this not all Mediterranean cotton is the same they search the Mediterranean for the best up on the Giza region was the really good stuff you'll know the second why in the bed on these you're gonna love him buy one get one no shipping right now also my pillow towels please folks do your Christmas shopping here this is fun people rolled out of the box and go my bellow Mike Lindell you see model market when my son was on with mark van I did not have very good my pillow towels thirty percent off when you use the promo code Scott that's the great deal white stone mineral gray ocean blue royal purple I'm bringing towels bring in he's a dream sheets arm bring in pillows to the holiday open house Thursday before you see the email about the my pull stuff come on by between eight and ten AM all that was a nice know what they say again yeah size the deer Scott awhile back you interviewed Michael my pillow after listening to your interview I ordered his towels on the set of the sheets my husband and I love the towels and sheets bikes endorsement stands by itself both items are precisely what he claims they are thank you Sally Sally Ann Arbor how often do you buy things right and they are just as they were advertised those would you say that line again about the money that they were just as White Plains Mike's endorsement stands by itself yeah items are precisely what he claims there the seats are fantastic we know that when you do that ten dollar donation I called Mrs and she said yeah going because we needed a pair we can get the purple I don't know why she wouldn't sign off on that yeah I was trying to brother I was trying to use others not crippling streets there's no blue there's like blue initiates but not per pound of the royal but yeah there's also tells are the tiles and I went with the city it's a it's a royalty thing for top is Todd the radio god he's doing the wild thing is going to yeah yeah they know they are and and what what I like about the sheets is that big pocket they're so easy to get on.

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