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United States constantly meeting with Putin not wanting anyone to know what he said reciting Soviet era propaganda directly the Soviet line on the propriety wisdom of the Soviet Union going to have ghanistan lots and lots of credible reasonable people in the national security community in the intelligence community. And the political community have wondered aloud is the president taking direction from Russia. And or is he more interested in serving the interests of Russia than the United States? And so in the circumstance in which a president is privately expressing an interest in withdrawing from NATO, which I don't know any reasonable national secure. Official or defense department official thinks that's a good idea. If he's doing it at the behest of his friends Latimer Putin that is one hundred percent impeachable this next week comes from clicky fingers. The XL God, that's J WD who writes at pre Perera, I feel like partisans on both sides are out in full force today. And I don't know how concerned I should be about bar getting confirmed can you cut through the rhetoric on both sides and share your thoughts, hashtag ask Prete. Okay. Cookie fingers or Mr. X L God. However, you like to be addressed look you're talking about the confirmation hearing a much of which I watched yesterday which was January fifteenth Tuesday, and it's kind of a mixed bag. I will tell you in. I I've seen a lot of commentary and seen a lot of the reaction from both people on the democratic side in on the Republican side their deep concerns that people have particularly given the track record of Jeff Sessions and the issues relating to recusals and whether or not Bob Muller contained place so on the. Side of concern. You have I think legitimate issues raised with respect to Bill bar taking a slightly different approach slightly different. But significantly different approach to the issue of coucil than his predecessors. So Jeff Sessions made very clear in the Senate questionnaire that he would seek and follow advice of ethics officials. And then he ended up doing that and withdrew from any oversight responsibility of the Muller investigation. Bob bar in very different language. The he reiterated yesterday at his hearing says he will consult with the ethics officials doesn't say he will follow the direction given or the advice provided, but that he will retain I guess he thinks he has the right to as the attorney general the decision making authority on whether or not he has to accuse which leaves a lot of leeway. Because even if it's the case ethics officials when they do their analysis, and they look at the memo that he said, which took issue with the obstruction aspect of the rush investigation and other things if they advise him. That the best thing for purposes of appearance or otherwise is to recuse. He has reserved the right? Not to do that. I think that's bad. I think people should be concerned about that. He's also seemed to prejudge a little bit as I've mentioned some of these relating to what the presence of thirty is and what Muller's authorities. That's not good either third. I think there are legitimate concerns that in some ways even though Bill bar to his credit has some institutional memory of the department of Justice, and is a professional. He served his department twenty seven years ago and his views on crime, and on incarceration, admittedly were formed at a time when there was a huge crack epidemic and crime epidemic and violence pathetic. In many major cities in the country. It is not absolutely clear to me or to other people that his sensibilities about those things have changed significantly. He did in response to questions from Senator Cory Booker. I think express some change of of opinion and some growth in that regard. But I don't know how far it's gone. So they're legitimate things for people to be concerned about in addition. All of that vanita Gupta. Who's a former guest on the show? A couple of times wrote a piece that you can check out on the cafe dot com website about how there's a deep concern that on the issue of civil rights which barely came up yesterday that Bill bar will be sessions two point..

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