Cavanaugh, Kavanagh, FBI discussed on The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell


Fully with this investigation, the new investigation will not be able to get search warrants, for example, or issue, subpoenas, like a criminal investigation, but the Washington Post reports investigators uncover evidence that cavenaugh lied to lawmakers during hearings or on his background. Check forms that could spark a criminal investigation in which law enforcement could use the full extent of its legal powers during discussion. Now Meany Roco, former assistant US attorney in the southern district of New York, an MSNBC legal analyst Mamie the FBI has a week, what are they going to do. So Lawrence, I think there's about four categories just right off the bat that the FBI should and probably will focus on with respect to the Ford allegations. The first is obviously Mark judge a probing interview needs to be conducted of Mark. Judge these statements through lawyers, obviously not enough. I think Cavanaugh said during the hearing, FBI agents don't draw conclusions. Yes, but they interview people every single day and do draw conclusions about their credibility, whether people are telling the truth, and there are many ways to do that with Mark judge to figure out what he means exactly when he says he doesn't remember, does that mean it didn't happen? Or does that mean he can't remember? He needs to be probing questions about his Kavanagh's drinking habits. He needs to be asked about the book and whether those are references to Cavanaugh in his book. Then the other category are the other people who might have been not participants or witnesses to the actual act, but present that evening. And I would use the July. Calendar entry that we've heard so much about in the list of names there and ask all of those participants there. That may have been the night in question that she's talking about, it may not, but it certainly sounds like a similar type of gathering. Then I would put in the category of sort of the prior consistent statements corroborating witnesses who Dr Ford spoke to. And those are so important because remember the people that she claims to have told this about previously. This is before just Cavanaugh was ever even on the shortlist for the supreme court. And so it goes to her motive. If she really did tell them about this by name or in general description it back, then it really would show that she's not lying now because she has no motive. She isn't trying to take him down from the supreme court. This isn't a political motive as some have said. And then the last category I would say would be just generally talking to Kavanagh's friends from high school from college, about his drinking habits at the drinking is central. And I know to some, it may sound petty. But it central for two reasons. One is it goes to whether there's an explanation for why he doesn't remember this event. Did he drink to excess in blackout? He never answered that question and he got belligerent and dodged it. And then the second reason it's important is because he's made so many statements about the fact that he didn't drink to excess and both in interviews and and and even in the in the hearing as much as he tried to dodge it. And so if we show that is just patently false, if that's what comes out of these interviews that we're going to see, you know possible. I think referral for perjury, anyone who thinks that a drinking too much or questions about drinking too much in a Senate confirmation. Don't matter. That's one of the reasons why Republican Senator John tower wanting was on his way to confirmation as Defense Secretary was defeated, was the problems with his answers to the drinking questions and just how much of a drinking problem he actually had Mimi Rocca. Thank you very much for.

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