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It's for 94 feet gains of a pretty good steels numbers and he's the star. So yeah, he's gonna get one of those lists, whatever. But what I will say, so you mentioned. I think they're like a top 15 team. Don't get me wrong. I think Kansas is going to win probably 25 games. I just like, I'm trying to figure out why they are better than, say, perdue, say Baylor, you know, duke, like I would have duke had of them. I would have Kentucky ahead of them to be honest. I like Kentucky this year. If you can kind of hold your nose and pretend that they're gonna be a good defensive team. What I will say about Purdue, there's a situation where if it doesn't work out with trevian Williams and Zach ED playing together that you could have a team that can not get their two best players on the floor together. And if you combine that with Jade ivey is good, Jade and Ives is like the best perimeter player in the big time I think. Maybe, or could it be something like your banking on him being a improving other jump shooting? What happens if he shoots 26% for three again? Is he still the best perimeter player in the Big Ten? He's probably pretty close, even with that because I mean, he average like 16 games of freshman last year late in the year. No, no, I got you, I got you. But all I'm saying is that there is a world where you can not get your 5 best players on the floor because you can not play trophy on Williams exactly together. If the shooting does not come together for Purdue that will be able to create.

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