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Whoa yelling at bonds i was terrible about three the election in november how's that professional an example to us our family and our students in the same things we give himself all right that was now as i say bonds is a big lefty and he's fed up with hearing the teacher's union just can't more and more and more and more your you know they call him up by name so he responds he loses his temper cisco to al twice and then he said test scores maybe a lot more of you oughta go you don't get he's a liberal and he's upset that you've got the teacher's union always demanding more and more and more and more and more as we're saddled with a good percentage of milwaukee school teachers that are just atrocious and couldn't get hired anywhere else and the union continues to stand up for the bad ones that everybody knows that's the problem you got a lot of good teachers milwaukee and a lot of bad teachers in milwaukee and a guy licked bonds is just under siege nps is always being criticized now they're being told they got to spend all this money on transportation so that every kid gets a bus to pick up and go somewhere he makes the comment that look if we're going to fund all of that we're going to have to address the fact that we've got unbelievable compensation for teachers they usually go where you can't pay us against one another even though obviously budgeting is a better pitted against one another so she calls him director bands barking and he tells her to go to hell this is what nps now is liberals at one another strokes and as i say that that resignation of driver who was highly regarded by a lot of people just has some people in the school district fed up with the teachers union everybody's fed up with one another because they both come with this in the wrong perspective it's one set of liberals yell at another set of liberals now to this story you know the old saying about those people who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones there is no issue that this hypocrisy rears its head on more than when it comes to issues pertaining to the environment in particular the water foxconn which just drives democrats crazy they absolutely hate the fact that scott walker real did the biggest economic development project in.

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