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No goal on the video revealed Somebody lost to stick its laying near the Team U S A blue line pup. Meantime, sliding it slowly into the air Force and settled down. By Alex Maynard Maynard Banks it off the boards into the Nationals in where it's an icing call in air Force. J just took a look at that disallowed. Goal is a good call. The puck did come in and bounced off of a player in front. But is the goaltender that was Homer was coming out. Blake Bride for Air Force was cutting across the top of the crease. He clipped the leg of Homer, Homer, homer went down and the puck went in. So it was goaltender. Interference is what disallowed that gold. Face off in front of Iraq, one by air Force rimmed around that out of the zone. It comes and a rolling pot that's going to be played by Homer leads it for a teammate. You know that the shame of that even though bride clipped him, I think it would have gone in anyway because it's clipped high and over his head. He was going down. I think before even got clipped. Operating from their own end to use a turns it over. Max Harper with the steel tried to get around the defender tripped. Do we get a call? Took him a while. Yes, we got a call here and a penalty coming up on the national team. Yeah, I'm gonna be a tripping penalty and we'll see who they get on this, but nice play by Max Harper stepping up in the neutral zone, intercepting That past they're gonna get Ty Gallagher two minutes for that trip. So Gallagher to the penalty box. That's our first penalty of this game. Air force on the power play, Harper stepped right in front intercepted that past, gained his own and got tripped on the place where force goes on the power play. This is something the Falcons really need to work on this season that you say a power play right here. It's only been 8%. On the season one for 13 on the power play Enforced wins the drop, but it take away by team U. S A. And they will get the clear Now they turn it over shorthanded opportunity here, a shot and a goal. Wow. The Falcons gave it away right out front. And after the turnover that was Dylan Duke, their leading scorer who came in made a move faked out Iraq and went top shelf for the short handed goal line again. These guys are highly skilled, and you said it. Dylan Duke. The Michigan commit just stepped right in front of that picked out pass off right on the boards and then walks right down the hash marks. Quick backhand moving little forehand lifted over the top of Zach LaRock 10 Team USA. 13 29 left in the first six goal of the season for Duke. First short handed goal. They've got three Shorty's as a team, therefore, still on the power play handling the pocket center ice coughing it up there. Getting it right back. Jake 11 hasn't Levin. I'll send it in. It's cut off by homer, the goalie behind his own net. He'll rim it back out. It's chased down in the neutral zone by Air Force. Sam Brennan. Freshman defenseman handles here. He'll send it back in And Blake bride trying to pick it up on the goal on the other side that didn't work when they're back to the near side here, and Brennan plays it at the blue Line funnels one toward the net, redirected and intercepted by Luke views and whose will get to clear Use out of Michigan and Michigan commit With the clear there and Air Force. With 52 seconds of penalty. Time remaining brings it up and this could be an icing. It is a nice and call on Air force. Has that part untouched center ice goes all the way in for the call on these exhibition games, you get a chance to work on a few things. And Jay you mentioned that power play 7.7% on the season one for 13. And then right away, Air Force gives up a short handed goal, a turnover in their own end. And then right there, Air Force ice that Puckett was touched. So that's why they blew the whistle was inadvertent to have a face off right at center ice Air Force with 46 seconds left on the power play, taking the center ice dropper Air Force Nate Horn wins it back to cook. Cook sends it across for Maraj is who's got a little room, so he comes in games. The blue line feeds to horn over here on the near side wins it around for Bowery on the other side. Can't control it that horn saves it for your force to Murat. Just download a Bowery back hi to Maraj is across the blue line to cook back to Maraj is his drive and save made by Homer He keeps on a long rebound. Cook has it back to Maraj is Over to cook here on the near side and his one timer never got in blocked and cleared by the defensive pressure of the penalty. Kill of Team USA under 10 seconds to go on the Falcons. From deep.

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