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And then i go and do another movie in cincinnati with genes badge dale and jimmy bell she thought lob it as a really great called donnybrook based on a book called cool down about fighting rare of uniting arab arabic's great and i play a guy named chainsaw angus which is the baddest guy in the whole creighton a it's cool what what is the how do you see our business changing it's already changing in a crazy way with netflixing but like what's going to happen the average actor in ten years and what's going to happen to the business world will you see changing the base chant i mean i don't i i think i think the businesses expanding as far as actors are concerned mooring the opportunity of course you know the good these these disrupted these disrupters these netflixing the wuliu net over the next wednesday la movie star various people who can open a move right watch doesn't matter really nope it doesn't so that in less less and less lesson must you know you got a few guys hanging onto it the guys who are big in the '90s in the trimbe but it's less and less about that it's really it really is so it's becoming more and more about the actual spoke on illicit cones you have you have a educated consumers you have people who know what's good and no it's not could make something good people find it on those give them access to ordu or you do books you do movies based on on comic books like marvel you're can get out of forever um are you you're in your deal you still helping out with uh chris van hoven critical longterm yeah he's got to fight november tenth jared has finally got them fired fight he's the main card on tv cbs cbs sports yet november tenth edf don't ask me we fighting i forgot he wanted to fight horn but horn doesn't want to find anybody.

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