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We will begin with the football eagles and heather's thursday night football game shoot on cbs television that albert your philadelphia eagles they improved to five and one of the season they beat the panthers twenty two twenty three carolina falls to foreign to all this she's an carson went through three touchdowns to urge one to nil fanatical more blunt runs for sixty seven on the ground cam newton ran for a score through for a touchdown with proof three key interceptions that did male again 28 23 the final score as the eib goals be the panthers elsewhere from the nfl a federal appeals court cleared the way for the lead to impose a sixgame suspension on ezekiel elliott over domestic violence allegations the league is also keeping an eye on the fires at northern california they've been exploring options to move sunday's game between the raiders in chargers if it becomes necessary elsewhere giants quarterback dominic rogers cromartie has been notified he's been suspended indefinitely the rams agreed to terms at a four year contract extension with one becker alec alghul tree from college football last night louisiana lafayette the texas twenty four seven right now to the baseball where the cubs beat the nationals ninety eight it's a decisive winning game five of the lds so the cubs advance nationals.

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