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And de-subscribe itunes and comment on the page rate is five stars and and we'll read some emails as we've been doing the last few ABS and give you guys a chance to win some merch. Yeah, merchants. Great. So come out and see us live tour dates, bringing emergency sign and take picks very excited about a lot of the EPs. We got coming up. Paul fee toned bell. The creators of American vandal. You saw my post on Instagram, Whitney Cummings, Christina position. Sqi Dave Matthews. It's getting crazy man so makes you subscribe the last night podcast. Tour dates, Twitter, handles emerging for out of the way, sit back, relax. Enjoy a bonus episode of the podcast at the very funny Matt, Edgar. Well, the way has over so we can to Chad. Got a mention that account. So a lot of shoes. Listen to fill. All right. And. Tab of the day. So come on at three to sell. It's about last night. Like publicists office. Yeah. Yeah. But Bob sack. It's been here. So Sebastian's been here, which is great when it was a little west like clean and I had my wreck league basketball trophy behind me on a shelf. Here's what's what? The trophy. And I was like us from a comedy basketball. He goes, but you're not ten. I would have been embarrassed. Yeah. Do you remember? I think it was you and I and someone else in LA Hoya, but we were sitting on the patio doing Sebastian bits. Oh yeah. For a while we're walking by like remember there was a guy roller skating at one point and we were like, what are you trying to get to you? Gotta put wheels on you ladies. It was Jeff Scott. Yeah, yeah. Ever that weekend. I don't know why I've been there so many times and like and definitely don't remember every time, but I remember that one. Yeah, big time. I know there's so I mean at this point to we've been doing stand up. We are on the same time. Yeah. Yeah. You were already here killing the open Mike seen because I immediately got a job at the comedy store. Right as soon as you got here too. Oh, yeah. And from Long Beach, right? Yeah. So I, you know, I made that thirty mile hike to say it's still like not that far in terms of like miles, but it still is. I mean, an hour and change. Oh, now like living here, it is far to me. Yeah, but before, like in high school, like the first thing I did when I got my car, I was probably like eighteen when I got my first car. First time I got on the freeway was to drive the comedy store just drive by. And how Dongting was that a just coming up to Los Angeles? Like, I think we. We all put a little bit of a. You know a big star next to as far as like place, if you're thinking about the entertainment world, it just seems. So, I mean, your impressions are so like man Will Smith lives area. They make the American idol, and that's jeopardy shoots to end the. I mean, you're just like everything is so overwhelming to even try to make yourself a part of it. I was such a creep t because like I would like what like I would dry like as soon as I was. Okay, I'm from being from southern California. It's always Hollywood's always. They're always like, like my dad always thought it'd be cool like he would drive me up there because I'd wanna look at like he goes, show me the big houses. Show me like the stars and stuff and like, but I would look in everybody's window to see if that was a famous person like every every car that passed by everybody on the street. Is that like because there's an opportunity to see famous people everywhere? Yeah, and I just like I. So it's always like been in my life like not far like Hawley. He would, but yet you're right. It was always granting seemed glamorous. Yes, no matter what. And like even to the point where I, I get a car for psychic, go alone without being taken there by a parent..

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