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Honor of davos weaving clemson covers that give you heard it here for okay area asking to be good guy here now we're going over to berkeley as time to recognize the justin wilcox era and i'm gonna give them a lot of credit for being too because in the past they not only would probably be one in one they might did well bo one to maybe almost made some former cal teams no i'm not stats who they play the saturday i'm talking about their first two games against north carolina and we were state in the past they could a tale well lost week state that's what pascal teams and proud of going to the road and water and soil useless yet questionnaire so they're playing better defense our friend to nail observed they seem to have adopted justin wilcox's the ways already in all mrs a distracted team distracted program they spent this week preparing for berkeley bears by going to wait and see to a clearance hearing on other charges yeah so i mean this is definitely a situation where all miss is distracted all mrs come in west intel's feeling good about itself and its national tv game is at saturday night in berkeley so cows that got a little jews coming in this way not so fast while nasa okay they are not ready for this okay omiss as athletes they cal has athletes to at all miss is a is a team that is far more battletested in cal miss team that his way more pelts on his wall and cal all mrs a three point favorite in cow reading their press clippings lee is not ready for this moment just yet olmez minus three and a half rebels going to cover in berkeley but that's okay you're still in the morial stadium having a ball the only problem is that the dam night game you're gonna get at midnight and a miffed about that in the meantime take all miss and later three okay i thought truce q and bears for saying those get excited but at the end of the day even if the cal beers lose the football game or they probably win the iq tests.

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