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I think that pass-catching running back has to come in at some point in the less and you brought this up on the show yesterday and it is a possibility with all of the stuff jonnu Smith can do to see kind of become that you know, you can line up in the backfield. Does he become that third-down out? Outfield option I don't think that's the best use for him. I don't think that's maximizing your but maybe that's the law me though. I feel like I like it even more because I didn't really buy into that until they sign Henry then because now you have a guy that's still threatening between the numbers and up the Steam and vertically up the field and you have Johnny Smith in that sort of role. I'm not sure if Johnny Smith has the page real short area agility and quickness of a guy like an Aaron Hernandez at the top of the route. I guess we'll see as we watch him more and watch him in the Patriots uniform if he's able to have that sort of Wiggle that are in Iraq has had that's what made him a viable option in terms of that third-down pass catching back roll or playing running back and said he played some fullback to for the Patriots lining of the backfield and catching passes out of a fullback alignment too. That's what made that a possibility so we'll see if John is Smith has that gear if he has that ability, but certainly is an option, right and the one other running back that I am. To mention somebody mentioned him in chat Damien Williams just got released by the Kansas City Chiefs. He's somebody that can do a little bit of everything. He kind of reminds me of like a Rex Burkhead. I can run the ball between the tackles else can catch the ball out of the backfield a little bit. Maybe that's more of if it were me I would prefer them to go after that sort of guy then sell remember he killed him in that playoff game. So he kind of has that off for me. I think he's a possibility and then I look at Jamaal Williams from Green Bay and somebody brought up in the chat to Duke Johnson who's bounced around a little bit like Jack's the guy a more expecting to go after but those guys will be there. I don't know that Chris Carson is is a free agent by the time we get to Friday. I don't I don't I doubt Leonard. I'm surprised Leonard fournette still a free agent, but he's probably got a day more on him Max. So maybe it's bringing in that guy then your trade Sony Michelle and that opens up the spot where they go and they get that third-down back, but I still I I still think that matters James White and Rex Burkhead are both gone home. People the draft to draft Michael Williams in dmytryk Felton and CJ verdell all good players. Definitely possibilities wouldn't hate it. But you're really young at that position and off with some of those guys are really small what that operates right? You're you're you're like you're saying for the first year, right? You know what James White we've seen with Damien Harris..

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