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It meant Exertis it meant this idea of also having an independent freedom but it also meant this moment of liberation thank god what about race over for black folks who will present this time they believe that this was a moment of god acting on their behalf to liberate them from his lately so which is not to say that they sort of was a passively waiting for freedom but they understood that guy wasn't acting in their lives to bring about a transformation and that led actually to a surge of black folks being converted to Christianity and the formation of independent churches so we talked earlier about how even with the second Great Awakening there was not so that this large scale conversion experience among inflate people but by certainly by the kind of emancipation those numbers really start to climb right and independent churches and you find that there are likely hundreds of churches created during the period of emancipation as the first five to ten years after emancipation and a lot of them were rule churches and so they create these independent churches bakery independent associations they create independent denominations so we know an answer on here it is there any charts but in the south you have the designing apostolic church which is the first independent southern one of the first event at southern the nominations yet the coal miners Turner teaches at Virginia Commonwealth University talking about African Americans emancipation and defining freedom working out people converted to Christianity because they were free what or what hello.

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