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The Indianapolis Motor Speedway radio network is the voice of the Indianapolis five hundred and the voice of in t t the series marks joins us, Mark. No rain, which was good. And then on the poll, it's an all Ray whole litter men Lanigan racing front row. How about this today? Thousand five in fact, it was buddy rice. That's how long it's been thirteen thirteen years, in fact, and. All weekend long. For for some of the big guts aunt ready yet. Get asked my goodness willpower. Did not make the Firestone facets for the first waiver route was a car. Joseph new gardeners on display Joseph big male here third years ago. He's won three out of the last four. He didn't get around at twelve teammates. So Pinski as you mentioned Pinski's troubles talk to me about something called alternate compound tire. You know, I'm a basketball guy helped me understand this concept. Of course, the Firestone provided alternate compound. It's what you'll hear make make references to the older. The primary blacks if they're called are essentially designed for longer run the red heat up quicker. They have grip quicker. They make you faster. But they're not as durable as the blacks. Well, there was an issue last year. There wasn't that big of a disparity between the red flag. So with a red started a fall off the first couple of practice teams could understand why that happened. It didn't happen a year ago because they've got the same same racetrack and everything so come to find out. We've got care Adams painted here for Firestone tires that. They brought it went through the first couple of cycles. The first practice sessions. I think what they would would they would say they have maybe a little bit of shelf life issue. Maybe they had had them for a while tapes, but Firestone, and they they knew that there was the potential that that could be issues expected to be that big of a few. But they have shirt all the teams at all the drivers that what they ran today and any rents they will run in the race tomorrow. Are are what you would call you know, that that that newest factor Firestone. So it was it was a big deal because they're allowed that were passed a year ago that were scratching their head. But I could figure out what what the problem. All right. So Tacoma, silo Graham, Ray hall, Scott Nixon who we talked about last night hasn't one year James since cliffs of asked him morte. What's interesting is non-road courses? I I know enough about racing to know on road courses, a large part of this is where you start. So those teams that you know in like. Pinski had difficulty with the tire situation. This doesn't bode well tomorrow. They have to go with. I mean, sometimes feel like that they could do to stop tragic merely. That's what Ray whole Dixon Hinchcliffe. But some of those as you mentioned that start a little bit deeper in the field. You know, Simon Paco who started on the outside of row number seven Marcus Ericsson on the outside of number eleven maybe even Ryan hundred Ray on the side of those guys that might be mulling over tonight at a stop strategy. If if they feel like that, that's the only way they're going to be able to get up. So what's obviously three stop strategy? Things have to go your way, and you have to get a little bit lucky in that strategy. Do you not? Question. I'd be cautious have to fall your way. And the thing that that's difficult about a row course, let's face it on a street. Course you have. All right. So the runoff areas are daily for giving out a road. Course, you have a lot more room when you get off the OB saving grace is. Car gets off. Here gets the gravel crafts, those are pretty deep. But we've seen some cars get hung up and need to be towed out. Bring out a red flag. A full course caution situation, and that may make that stop strategy payoff. But I made let's, you know, you know, this coaching that the hard you work, the luckier you get it. So the teams will just just have something we'll have to rely on that if not all their way, they'll get hung out on a three stop strategy when everybody else ought to and it will make for a very good day for the further back in the pack. I am the more. I'd roll the dice. Don't you think, you know, if I'm? I'm looking like new garden. It sixteenth come on. Now. What is he why not roll the dice in a situation like that? Careful this what they'll all tell you. They're worried about their race strategy not working out there worried about somebody around it starting deeply field thanking they have maybe a little bit faster race car. They do. Taking. Ruining day right here. Guys say that a lot the start deep field caught up an instant, they'll say, well, you know, what? That's what happens. You don't qualify love. That's why nobody wants to start back there. Well, what's fun about this though? Is you get to see look we last night. We didn't even mention. Tacoma, Sada Graham, Ray hall and Ray hall, Letterman landing didn't even mention these guys here. The on the front row, that's kind of cool for the sport for Evans sakes. I'm hopeful that this kind of parody existed at of course season that you away from the quota three. Pesky ask me, but you know, we talk about parody. And we talk about. I mean when we get down to the end of the season, it's usually get Asiya pesky battling it out for the championship. And to your point of all said it best today. He said, you know, the the bar is set with with Michael steam and steam ships team, and he said we made it our goal of the off-season to get to the point where we could start competing with them once again on the basis that there was nobody Barbara voters happy founding rain all the qualifying Mark James joining us on the Saint Vincent sports reforms hotline. He will be the lead dog as we like to say the voice of the Honda Indy. Grand prix of aluminium. These same stations around the state, and you know, in it's the voice of the Indianapolis five hundred you got to surprise give me someone who we're not talking about who can win tomorrow. Well, I say. Pito peru. I I'm not kidding. There's a surprise right there. He's a rookie. Yeah. The second Dail quite card. He had great pace at the circuit of the Americas. Radic did solid. Saint Petersburg Dale Coyne. Got a solid strategy with both he and board a tomorrow. Surprised me to see another first time where the series for Colton got gotta chance. Colbert always has. Exist. A little bit and qualified, but you know, all the troops out of possibly can adopt. It every every session qualified, you know, toward the fraud. And he backed it up plenty in that that that hardy Steinbrenner team is now I stood out. All right. So whether it's going to be okay, you have the your meteorologist tells you. Everything's good. This race finishes you head out. I'm sorry for you. I really truly in as your friend. I'm so sorry that makes next weekend. You'll be in Long Beach. I well, I don't know. Tough life. You're living right now. Well, let me say this that Dr Kirk Freeman disaggregated great schools. Mike Springer at our assistant principal Kyle Walker. I wouldn't be able to do all of this without support of of great schools at our our middle school principal Becky big fair today. They get all the support the world but continue to chase this dream as our friends. Did if each bro. Returning the role, and of course, by Oakland, supportive, wife, desharnais up tell you how this went coach we got our tax return check at the bail about a month ago, actually direct the closet. About an hour later. She called me and said, we got our tax Schick. I just by flight the long spirit. I don't blame her. And I I like how she thinks. That's great stuff. All right. Mark j do I have an extra Pettit here? Much time. We have here. Hey, hey, you know, what hang on? We'll just we'll we'll we'll we'll we'll hold you on through the the break. We'll come back. How's that? Okay. Mark James, and I'll come back talk. More racing animal Zander Jonas will talk to NASCAR. Oh, yeah. By the way, there's an there's an NCAA tournament game going on to. So we'll talk about that too on Indiana, sportstalk..

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