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I'm going to read that one again just for fun but also because I was aware when I got to the Lark one that you have to listen what you've read written Watch what happens. It's good to remain in bed. And listen for the a slyly hidden in sequential insanity in summer world to Earth I especially love the end hidden bins in my like the Hog snuffing for truffles followed by Skimpy Lords. And oversized firs for this gaiety. Do I need forgiveness? Does the lock need forgiveness. Words blue eggs. I don't know I put the lockdown. When leads me to the next thing? So it's bird like thing then this warming and hiding of sounds they are the Little Lo- Heavens in the nest. Now my chest feathers widen now. I'm an old hand now. I'm satisfied so so I've already said how much I love Bill. And how much I learned from him. And what an honor to be here with his his wife and his children. So here's a little poem of bills you probably know. There's a threat you follow. It goes among things that change people wonder about what you are pursuing. You have to explain about threat but it's hard for other people to see tragedies happen and get hurt or die and you suffer and get old nothing. You can nothing. You do can stop times on folding but you never ever let go of the threat. That's good come on commission cladding and that was his way of keeping hold of the thread every morning to get up and do that. You know their stories. Other people have different ways. I musician will keep holding the thread by always playing the guitar hundred. It is and tie. And that's keeping hold of the hand musicians. Great Musicians do nothing but play if there's an audience there because they got hold of Fed and if you pay him they say okay so the other day. I wrote a little conversation with Bill. I wept so much when he died and and So this poem. I've been working on fifty five or six months in. I don't tend to go but automated January conversation with Bill Seven. Well Bill Hudson like he says it's about the same it's about the same. We still waiting for human beings to catch up. You know what it's like. You wait by the car while and finally go on loan you know what it's like. Wade with a car while and finally going along and I see offend mine diety. We should go. She wrote back..

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