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What it i just get myself into so that way started drinking and drinking and drinking and tada fellow what i was so upset about is once they concluded that at least what we i remember reading i don't know the reality that we didn't get to see the footage outside wall of its cleared let's see this great action that was so you know bler some staff or whatever but that i was like well if it everyone was clear how we not getting to see this amazing content so that bothered me but whatever no comment over there the pike hass world faith is there i love it i love just being able to vent and talk about whatever i wanna talk about i talk a lot of spin about people and it's great right it says about us out there were really like who you not like right now in the media the discover slow tease because i love people let highlights attack at last week however i n neck oh yeah i spoke about knack i spoke about held and you don't like got hair is to say i am i i don't think sensor cutting utilizes laura lay arman out to defend no like no i'm not saying who i've spoken of i'll add allah and seeing like left mederma knack as that nikki also really like we were and whatever and then i posted like oh throw on bachelor monday of us and it like hit the fan with media but like he like hamad did something like rude on it like snide unlike relax like i'm not trying to make people think i'm dating you right now like calm down prices people these days week vr rate for our listeners who have never seen the bachelor welcomed earth nick vo is a professional bachelor but he wasn't even ah liked is a villain so.

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