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Heading for third. Solano. He's there safely. And it felt With a line drive single to knock in another run. It's 5 to 1 giants 5 to 1 giants, and although there was still only one out, they would not get anybody else home. That was the on ly hit of the night for the Giants. With a runner or runners in scoring position. One for eight and belt is the guy who got it. We're going to go with the head of the game. It could be branded belt right there, But we're going to go with Joey. But because it's not the walk of the game, it's the hit of the game. And with that long double that was Two inches away from being his first major league homer. Joy Bart will receive a $100 gift card from pig in a pickle. The next time you're craving a great barbecue, lunch or dinner, there's only one place to go picking a pickle, home of the best barbecue in the Bay Area. Visit them it pink in a pickle dot com or in quarter Madeira today. Out of the question at that point after the four run, seventh inning was how far with Tyler Anderson go well, he made it maybe a little bit simpler in terms of a decision for Gabe Kapler when he went out And retired the side in order in the eighth inning and through eight strong innings. He'd allowed only two hits, no walks and its throne only 91 pitches and he I had to lobby a little bit, maybe to stay out there for the ninth inning. But stay out there he did. Gabe Kapler gave him the opportunity to do something that he had never done before as a big leaguer, and that is pitch a complete game. In fact, he had not. Finished a game a complete game as a professional since his first year in pro ball with Nashville in 2012 8 years ago, But he gave up a double to CA tell Marty Leading off the inning with the 345 hitters coming up some of the D'backs very best. We're coming up next, but I gave capital stood by him. He got Marty on a line out to the second basement. A nice play. Turned in by Donovan Solano, a backhand grab behind. Second, He got Walker on a fly ball to center so to down and he was getting so close, he needed just one more out. And it was David Peralta. A man who had knocked in the on ly run of the game for the D backs against him in the seventh. Here's the 11 suing a ground ball to Crawford at the second base position. The throw to first And the ball game is over. And the game of his life. Bored Tyler Anderson. His first major league complete.

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