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So they did go up high that's absolutely certain but you're rocky because we never there us racer there's probably some champagne involve something now okay truly i was thinking something along the lines of like a pair glide but then i started to think maybe it was some sort of like a ski lift type of thing but you know that's actually you're kind of getting warm thankyou how how warm kathleen because they feel like your years smiling in your encouraging these measures but i feel like we're not that close there's a a a vehicle of choice you're saying that red card brothers use drain do you wanna do you want to tell us yeahso a goose johnandjohn's wife janette were all pioneers in highaltitude ballooning withthebluecard others designed in enclosed fear coal gondola which i was lucky whether they could jacasangkyucastleyeah and and really quite literally an explosive launched technique that led us into the space program that we have today in so goose was the first human being to reach the stratosphere and his brother you wanted actually do research on cosmic rays so it was up to janette his wife to learn to be a balloon pilot so they were having trouble getting potential funders likenationalgeographic thought it was too dangerous for a woman to participate but they managed to raise the funds and they had backers lakehenryford invited them to the ford airport in detroit to use their hangar and even vited orval right out to meet them soinoctober 1931 for with ginette piloting john doing research accompanied by their pet turtle they took off successfully for the stratosphere sending eleven miles high son now to put that in perspective when you're in a commercial airliner you can fact check me on this when you go about 35000' well.

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