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About barbara walters. She she announced she's retiring from the view. And i think i'm the perfect guy to take i. Actually i made an audition tape. I think it probably proves my point. Do i fluctuate sometimes fifteen. You look man ask him. Where is the tent. You are so great. Invention stretch pants early allowed us to just kind of letting by what you're all saying and i agree with now. That is a home run. So i'm guessing that must have gotten lost in the mail. But what do you remember about coming up with that bit some. It was somebody else's idea and we just that's so fun as you put on a sweater vest and you sit in front of a green screen and some of the stuff we said was specific and then some of it was just general leg like i hear what you're all saying and i agree with at all like that. We could have dropped in anywhere so We've done a lot of bits like that like we did one of my favorite ones. We cut me into wheel of fortune. Where i i thought every single. We've had a certain word in it that starts with f. and that's that's a that's a pretty good one. I actually was just on. I tape celebrity wheel of fortune. And i was afraid that i was going to be banned from there because i turn out their show. Filthy a clip is on youtube. You can see it well. Anti the late night. Tv landscape has been dominated by white males for decades though. We finally started to see a few more women and people of color hosting shows. Trevor noah lilly sing and z. Way to name a few. Why do you think it's been so hard to break that mold. And what would you like to see. As the future of the sean ria well. It's been hard to break that rule mold because of its it's reflective of the culture in general and broadcasting especially and i would like to see more diversity coming up i don't have you know i mean a cone and i are are two white men in their fifties and the tv seen plenty of that They don't need anymore that so let's let's hear some different voices. Let's see some different faces and make the make the the late night world reflective as of the actual population as any other area of modern culture. I think i just heard your dog barking one years. I was not going to vote. Yes yes yes no. She's in the backyard and she's letting me know she's not she's not happy and let me just say. Thank you for the laughs. I think humor is so important to get us through tough times and through divisive times. So thank you for that. But conan isn't going away entirely. He's announced that he's going to have a project at hbo. Max starting in twenty twenty two. Are you planning on being part of that. Do you want to be well. I would love to be but it's it's up in the air so what that would be. And there's been kind of a difference of opinion as to what exactly it should be and conan has definite ideas of what about what he thinks will work behind a paywall in a streaming service and what won't and until that is settled. There's you know there's no way to know for sure because it might be much smaller show you know. Maybe a bigger show. So i'm just kinda treating it as and he did us all a favor by saying. I don't know what's going to happen but i can't make any promises and this was to everybody on the show and so everyone's kind of just treated like well. We'll we'll see what he decides and then we'll we'll act accordingly but you're also keeping busy with your own stuff you've got a podcast a three questions with director and you've got a new audio book. That's coming out as well. Tell us about what we should expect from. Andy richter off. The it's an audible original called the incredibly inaccurate biography of andy richter and it's written by a really hilarious group of comedy writers and it's all lies and then i'm in. The audio book are in the audible original refuting all the lies so it should be pretty fun. It's a it's a funny project nick. Offerman does the narration for it. And i'm very grateful to him for that. And then that. I'm developing an animated show attached to a game show. I'm auditioning come on hollywood. I'm sitting here in burbank. We're face a busy anyway. You know you're busy. You're just gonna keep going and keep trucking very good and you can catch. Andy's podcast three questions. Wherever you get your podcast and the incredibly inaccurate biography of andy. Richter is available for preorder now on audible. Thanks for coming on. And e- good luck to you. We'll be right.

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