Iraq, King Hussein, Israel discussed on The Sean Hannity Show


King abdullah of jordan the great grandfather of the current king abdullah said he might consider some kind of peace with israel if israel would basically cut itself in half and give him a straight corridor or so jordan could connect with the mediterranean sea meanwhile jordan controlled the entire west bank and east jerusalem which was supposed to be part of this new nation of palestine that's what the un it originally said lead but king abdullah wasn't about to do that and the israelis worried about the deal with him the king of egypt king faruk at the time said all right you give me sixty two percent of your territory the entire negev desert and we might recognize israel ben gurion said no to all of this and it was a good thing that he did one of the reasons that he understood that there was no real settlement here to be made is because he understood just how unstable these arab governments were for instance king abdullah of jordan was assassinated coming out of alaqsa mosque in east jerusalem he was holding hands actually with his little grandson then king hussein was a young man and he was shot to death in front of the mosque by palestinian gunmen the the leader of baghdad of of iraq who was a king at the time king faisal was torn apart actually chopped into pieces by a mob in baghdad in 1958 along with his prime minister this who's knees 'aim who had proposed taking these extra refugees in return for the israelis giving him some land he was also deposed and he was part of sixteen different regime changes in sixteen years in syria so when you're dealing with this kind of instability it didn't make a lot of sense for the israelis to give up too much and part of what happened was there was an absolute see change in the middle east in 1954 israel was six years old but at that point there was a shift on the part of the soviet union that was very fateful and very important up up until 1954 the soviet union had tried to cultivate good relations with the state of israel there was the feeling that a lot of the people who would organize the state including the the prime minister of the founding prime minister david ben gurion described themselves as socialists that they might be sympathetic to the soviet union to his left wing communist ideology and made.

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