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By the crash with one into the Jersey wall Virginia state troopers are on scene interloop as you head toward Tyson's at the ramp to westbound route 7 Leesburg pike that crash completely on the shoulder but of course you know what's drawing attention there as people go shopping toward Tyson on the interlude Brant to westbound route 7 Leesburg pike No problems on 66 to speak of south by I 95 watch for the delays across the Aquaman down to one 23 once past the Prince William Parkway you are clear to continue south toward Fredericksburg no problems northbound on I 95 or three 95 between Fredericksburg in the 14th street bridge or travel lanes are open Marilyn beltway looking pretty good through Montgomery and prince George's county in Waldorf route 5 not a woman bean town road near business 5 St. Charles Parkway We had all lanes blocked and under police direction for the crime scene there otherwise route one south out of one 75 was the report of a record uncertain if that is there or not New problem in Rockville two 70 northbound and a local lanes between 28 and Watkins mill road stay a little along the right side for the crash We understand response is headed to the scene No problems won't root 50 between the capitol beltway and the eastern shore If you're in the district SAP bound D.C. two 95 on the brakes approaching and passing banning road headed down to and pass east capital street but travel lanes are open Jiffy lube service centers keep you moving from oil changes entire rotations the filters and wipers to a full range of services Visit jiffy lube D.C. dot com for location near you I'm rob stallworth of traffic Now it is term team four meteorologist Michelle Grossman It's another cold one today although feeling a little better than yesterday with the winds a little bit lighter Mostly sunny skies high 33 Tonight some.

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