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In that so one of the program's going to be offered we'll be in indigenous governance so taking advantage of the expertise in yukon's eleven selfgoverning first nations in fact which is really cool the second will be a business degree focused on operating in remote communities and the third will be in northern studies so traditional knowledge culture history and the current situation of people living up north of note the other two universities in the north or territories rather than the north nunavut and the northwest territories will carry on with a more traditional model of being partnered with schools in the south expanding their programs and degree offerings looking at governance resource managing management culture and the hope is that they'll attract more people from abroad and more investments so they can continue to grow these universities and one would expect one of the greatest benefits will be the fact that all of these people weren't need to go trekking through the snow just to get university anymore exactly well there still will be a lot of snow but perhaps their facilities and and the programs that they're taking we'll keep them interested in staying in the north yeah yeah chilly stuff that it's okay he's you know they'll have to invest in some decent hating and maybe a nice thing well articles daniel bauge things very much for taking us through that story that's all four today's edition of the briefing it was produced by reese james and researched by your lean guff own and limit lemke okamoto else manage oh walls christie evans the briefing is back at the same time tomorrow now do join andrew molo for today's edition of the dory house he'll be joined by florence biedermann and robot fox that's live at eighteen hundred if you're listening here in london thirteen hundred if you'll in new york my name is ben ryan thank you very much for joining us by for now

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