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Colorado rockies baseball is coming up in one hour i hit of the day goes the distance right now this is rockies qna now let's head out to the ballpark appears jack corrigan hi everybody welcome to a special edition of rockies q and a on this memorial day is we get a chance to visit with the executive vice president chief operating officer of the colorado rockies greg feazel and greg we think so often we talk so often about baseball as a game and as a sport and all that but at the same time it's a business and you oversee under the direction obviously of dick is the as the owner but it's a i would think a an experience not unlike maybe bud black managing his team you've got your business side team to manage the good news is you read about buddy every day you don't read about let's back up a little bit we're going to talk a lot about the anniversary season this year and all the things that have gone on with the rockies but i want to go back and and for people know who you are but maybe a little more background greg is you've been here not quite from the very beginning but for most of the twenty five plus seasons now of rockies baseball.

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