Rob Pelinka, Koby Bryant, Tim Harris discussed on The Rich Eisen Show


I got things happening that was being said behind my back. I don't have the power that I thought I had to make the decisions and I told them when it's not fun for me. When I think that I don't have the decision making power that I thought I had, then I got to step aside. So that night, he said the reason why it wasn't fun from anymore. He didn't want to be a guy who fired people, and that's essentially what he said today. It's now it doesn't have the power, perhaps he was covering for genie boss, and rob Pelinka in one throw any of them under the bus. Then now he feels more emboldened because maybe some people are saying other things I don't know. I haven't heard much in the public discourse. But today, it's now he didn't have the power. Tim Harris, by the way, is the c o of the Los Angeles Lakers. So they asked him put a name to the backstabber. Here you go. Does Magic Johnson feel betrayed. And if so, by whom, well, you know, I think if you're gonna talk be trail is only with rob. But again. I had to look inside myself. Right. But I had been doing that for months, because I didn't like that. Tim Harris was too involved in, in basketball, he's supposed to run the Laker business, but he was trying to come over to our side. Genie's. Got to stop that. Pelinka now, everyone kind of that, too, but, you know it's out there. And he also said later on in the interview that when he took the job, many agents, which is what Pelinka was before taking the general manager position offered to him. By Jeannie boss, and one of the clients that he had Koby Bryant. He magic said many in the aging business told him to watch his back. Watches back. And wow is the only thing you could say because not only is magic coming out and saying that he didn't have the power that was given him. Although he said he was only going to do the job for three years, and this was going to be his third year. And so, I guess he only left a year early, and he was confused. Why Pelinka wanted to push him out if he had only one more year to go, and he was trying to groom him ready for the position in everything you hear from Pelinka side. Although nothing publicly is that magic wasn't cut out for the job..

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