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If you saw you wanna talk about a paper you hell. You can even talk about what went down on raw tonight. If you saw it you guys will be able to call into the show. It is eleven twenty five. Pm on east coast right now. So we're at the twenty five minute mark. I'm gonna talk about raw for about ten more minutes. Thirty five minute mark. I'm just going to do a har- cut and they were gonna open up the phone lines and those of you that want to call land you'll be able to call just be patient. Look for number. When you get an opportunity you'll be able to call in so going into that main event match. You're gone okay. Now we set the tone. So we see ria ripley. Come out got one bone to pick decent match overall. decent match. Didn't quite live up at least for me. Teach us on. But it didn't quite live up to what assault of these two girls do. From the pay per view they hit a frigging homerun with that paper. I gotta give them a lot of props for that but tonight where they lost me. I don't know if they lost you guys but were they. Lost me was the end ring psychology. Now what do. I mean by that exactly from the moment. That ria ripley comes out. She should have this look on her face. Where not only is she confident which. She did radiate confidence but she also was greatly missed as she was walking. Now going down the ramp going into the ring and everything been. That was greatly missed. If charlie flare did such vicious damage to your knee to your leg less than twenty four hours out of pay per view and then we go into tonight's raw and she does damage on that list again. You need to be going out there. Limping. you need to be going out there. Selling the hell out of that leg. And i gotta give jimmy smith's The corey graves virus accident. I gotta give him props. Because from the moment rear ripley came out. they were talking about the leg. Would rea- ripley wasn't selling it. That was the problem right down to the point. Where ripley does her trademark. Jump up onto the apron. He'll stretching out her leg in everything little pose that she likes to do before she slides or so foreign in there. You go no no no no no no no no. No no no. What you're supposed to be doing is just hitting the steel steps may be gingerly going up the steps. Maybe kind of just shaken that leg a little bit. You know trying to make sure it's complementing the hell out of what. The caller commentators are saying they're look. Don't take personal ya look. I'm a big fan of rear ripley but man. There were a lot of I was the first to point out what was going on there. Just from that easy point observation nibbles was not a case of me over analyzing. I am just literally. I'm not even taking any notes. I'm just kicking back watching this. And i'm going fucking sell delake. What's going on here but a decent match charlotte flare you. You just knew from the blueprint that was laid out at the pay per view that we ripley's leg was going to be the focal point. And if charlie had any shot at retaining the title that's what she was going begun in for and that's exactly what had went down tonight so charlie flair winning. You're gone okay. All right so we're pretty much done here..

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