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9 O 8 Michael and son Traffic and weather on the 8s it's Jack in the traffic center Hey Joan we'd had a little heavy traffic still with this in Virginia 66 going east into centerville really not that bad The rest of the ride Easter good until you get into in moving into and through rosalyn The trouble will be again on 66 in the Roosevelt bridge both ways between one ten and constitution avenue long-term work takes away the left side of the roadway both ways but only causes a delay during morning rush hour here for us That's caused a delay south on the GW Parkway as you come in from the overlooks passing as you head down toward the key bridge headed down toward the Roosevelt bridge Now what eased I guess was the avoidance traffic that seemed to be headed toward the memorial bridge I guess everybody's just gonna stick with it and ride in on the Roosevelt Now you'll find otherwise you're in good shape on the GW Parkway north coming at old town headed toward the airport of the 14th Three 95 volume only so far getting out of Springfield we'd been heavy in the main line headed up toward king street then boundary channel drive to the 14th street bridge We had very slow traffic to deal with in Maryland two 70 headed south Into Germantown the trouble we believe had been northbound near middlebrook road the crash had blocked the left lane causing a little southbound rubber necking back near father Hurley boulevard Topside outer loop does remain a bit heavy now New Hampshire over toward Georgia avenue We may have some debris on the bay bridge 50 west first we've got the left lane closed That's for two way preparation for work that will occur on the eastbound span that is not set up yet but east pen on the bridge right now I think you've got a red X over the right lane to remove debris before they set up the cones to do the work Now you're in good shape still between the beltways on 95 and the BW Parkway with no light delays there Jack Taylor WTO P traffic And our forecast now from chuck bell A nice dry start to your Tuesday morning It will not end as a dry day though Rain chances are likely to move back into.

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