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Well, when there's a flood or when we have a hostage situation, and Albert Lea, we helped do this. This was a global phenomenon that happened after the murder of George Floyd in front of people. It's certainly unacceptable when you move beyond peaceful civil disobedience. What happened? That's why we're arresting those folks. But the idea of just leaving this or trying to make that this is a case that this is just Minneapolis's use. This is arresting those folks. What about that? What? I just I know this is about the The riots. But But what about the statue? Remember Statue guy about that guy? That statue guy that tortured community service? That's right. I'm sorry. I got community service that community service involved having to listen to walls because that would be pretty much punishment was just throw me in jail, but the punishment enough I'll take the present 6519895855. We have one more clip to play and then You know what? Let's get into this drew. Let's talk about walls and his proposed automatic college acceptance for qualifying. Minnesota High School seniors. You know, it was true. It was simplified seven missions. That's all it was dismissed Disease here. Justice in true its original, I'll give you that Twin Cities News Talk Am 11 31 3.5 FM. I'm Chris Addison. Here is a look at the road sponsored by Del Technologies. Looks like we have a car. Sure in the for the area. 6 94 westbound. This one is blocking the ramp to get to eastbound 94. That's got traffic pretty tight going back towards East River Road Expecting extra minute or two. Heading through. They're gonna stall remains for eastbound 3 94 Dunwoody.

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