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Tim wise bird a stabbing of the new bedford in an sweet sent one man to the hospital while another is being held without bail police to the motel it about one this morning the victim was found bleeding and taken to the hospital police fall the blame sales were room where three people were intoxicated nine year old dominic shoulders was rugby stabbing while the other two people were arrested charges a single car accident took place just after 430 sunday morning on barney joy road in dartmouth 23 role jay patel of new paul's new york and thirty one year old edward bowls of mila suffered serious injuries during the crash bowls pathway way short time later the crash remains under investigation gas prices in massachusetts her need census dribbling northeast said selfserve regular unleaded is averaging two 48 three cents below the national average of two fifty one the average price of gas and massachusetts is forty two cents higher than it was at this time last year tonight it'll be clear with a low of twenty two degrees tomorrow sunny with a high of forty two i'm jim weisberg wb sm news the ordering both savage nation contains adult language adult content psychological nudity listener discretion as avaaz whoa america's most exciting radio talk show host savage nature homo orders whiteboard culture and wither up on national radio olive wave award michael savage.

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