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Welcome outside lines. Clinton case today, we had north to see if the warriors can keep their dynasty alive. We've got a game seven coming in Boston pretty soon in major league baseball offered up, not one but two rare delicacies yesterday. I a baseball legend is fighting for his life. That's the big story where in the Dominican Republic. Former Red Sox slugger in three time World Series champion David Ortiz, was shot Sunday night in a hospital after a bullet ripped through his abdomen during an ambush at a club news out of Santo Domingo overnight kept many of his fans nervous as it wasn't clear. Exactly what his condition was. According to reports or DC is expected to recover. The thing is, it's almost impossible to overstate poppies importance to baseball overall beloved in his home country will never buy another beer again at Boston, he's been embassador for the game. Like so we don't have anymore. But that said the situation is brought out, poppy supporters in droves, the gunman has been identified, but we won't know how much damage was done. Until Adi's is released. ESPN baseball reporter indicated Haas is has the latest insensitive. You go in the Dominican Republic, and you can't just tell me about what you're seeing on the ground. How people are reacting in the news of poppies condition. Now they join gray recovering outdoors Bengo, solid, say finance ago, his gray. He's big ditch on maybe his count CLYDE to Boston because Red Sox playing ball. Maybe a riding around seventeen it those abound, silex baby or ready. All these external right now. All right. How are the people feeling I mean is the vibe positive negative quickly of, how do you think people are taking this? People. Because it ceases to be popularized. Great, hugh. He's all talk to you about it as something of money. Maybe. Does you every do Greg Java kids ways? Old people, the whole island, maybe or like kid, our guys know, like outside that they country guy. He's town guys for the border. Right now in shop. Everybody go. Much. All right. Thank you only. Get hustle from Dominican Republic right now return to ESPN MLB reporter Jeff passan. Definitely ask you say top. When I heard this news, what did you think what was your reaction to somebody who's been around the game for so long? Shock sadness. You know, I think all of the things that people in Boston, and in south of the Mingo in the rest of the Dominican Republic and really in the baseball world, we're feeling David Ortiz, brings out a very specific type of emotion in people. And it's one that leads you to smile. It's because he's got this big bright, genuine smile, this enormous aura that just care that he carries every day. And to think that somebody so larger than life could be targeted like that. It was just a lot of sadness. I think and especially when when the early reports that came out Clinton didn't exactly dovetail with what actually did happen. One of the things that I think people lose sight over dividend. Is that as Paul player, it's arguable? And he is somewhat underrated. He played. For the most part. And there's a lot of discussion as to whether or not that's going to get a guy in the hall of fame of this third. But what do you think about his contribution to the game simply as a player actual own field standpoint? I mean, we have to remember David Ortiz was more or less a failed prospect with the Minnesota Twins and ended up in Boston on a flyer. And to turn into arguably I- arguably because there's a good argument to be made. But arguably the most beloved athlete in the history of Boston sports and we're talking Ted Williams and we're talking Tom Brady. We're talking Carly Trump's game. We're talking Bill Russell and Larry Bird, like there's some dudes in that category. And for big Papi to be mentioned in the same breath as those, and beyond the Boston sports mount Rushmore shows the impact that he had he was front and center in the two thousand four championship. He was there and seventy was there until I mean, you know, he was there throughout the Red Sox dynasty, that has Berge and over the last decade and a half. And the Boston Red Sox of this era are David Ortiz's, Boston. Red Sox quickly. Have we heard anything about with? The Red Sox are going to do in terms of what they've said to the to the fans or you know how they're gonna handle this report. Well, the Red Sox put a statement out last night wishing him. Well and saying this centrally they had heard what the situation was and is in Rick ages reported the Red Sox are sending a plane down to the Dominican Republican hopes that David Ortiz will be transferred up to Boston. Now, things could change. You never know what his conditions going to be. But at this point, that is indeed the plan. And I think just like everybody in baseball. The Boston Red Sox want David Ortiz, to get better. Let's get to my favorite moment of the weekend. Okay. Mad bum max munti max takes that bum out mad bomb tries to tell him wanna hit a home or if you just get around the basis, MAC says you want me to stop the ball? Go get it out of the ocean. This was a great moment. And it embodied what the old school, the new school was. How would have you heard about this in clubhouses and locker rooms regarding this? Encounter. Is it? Okay. That I'm all right with this Clinton. Oh, yeah. I'm super okay. With these cool that I can see both sides kind of I understand. Madison. Bumgarner is a really tough guy, and he doesn't like anybody. Staring at home runs. But at the same time he gets angry when he gives up a home run. Alright with that.

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