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Wood fork. All right, a lot of bad news for you Dimitri the nationals and Orioles both on the wrong end of shutouts. Right now the Nats are in Atlanta trailing the braves for nothing. It is top of the 5th inning there in the ATL, Corey Abbott, giving up most of that damage in the fourth thinning. He's given up four runs on 6 hits in his four innings of started off by a home run in the first, and the Nats bad have yet to get a timely hit, although they have totaled 5, but only one hit with runners in scoring position so far. The owes meanwhile, they're in a 6, nothing hole on their home turf to the tigers at one top of the 6th inning of a game in which the O's are getting no hit. So far it has been a great start here for Tyler Alexander of the Detroit tigers through 5 innings, no hits allowed, does have a walk, but three strikeouts and he's only thrown 61 pitches, so he may be getting some more work here. Monday Night Football, a pair of games in progress, Buffalo Bills, leading the Tennessee Titans, 17 to 7 as this one approaches halftime in Buffalo, Josh Allen with a pair of touchdown passes, one of them, to local products, Stefon Diggs, the former turp, and in Philadelphia, the eagles wasted no time taking a 7 zero lead on the Vikings they took the opening possession, 82 yards and 11 plays, Jalen hurts capped it off with a three yard touchdown run. The Washington commanders have to hope the short week for the eagles plays in their favor, the burgundy and gold offensive line in trouble after Chase Rudy suffered another leg injury, Ron Rivera says will at least lay in the center on short term injured reserve. Rob wood fork WTO sports. The top stories we're following for you tonight on WTO, a judge in Baltimore, overturns the murder conviction of adnan syed, profiled in the podcast serial. The Baltimore state's attorneys has investigators are waiting on DNA analysis before deciding whether to set a new trial date or to throw out the case. Syed is sleeping outside of prisons left prison several hours ago. In fact, after being behind bars for more than two decades, people caught by red light and speed cameras could one day be getting points on their driving records in D.C., a bill introduced today would also add a point for speeding in school zones. The points would be on top of those fines that we've all had to pay at one time or another. More rain is being dumped on Puerto Rico tonight, the deluge comes a day after the storm knocked out power and water to most of the island. This is hurricane Fiona. National Guard troops have rescued hundreds of people who got stranded. Stay with WTO for more about these stories in just minutes. Police in prince George's county have arrested a D.C. man, suspected in a series of sexual assaults and groping incidents over the past week. 36 year old Sean Lorenzo tolbert is linked to a sexual assault and attempted sexual assault in district heights late this week. He's also charged with inappropriately touching 6 women at a shopping mall in forestville last Tuesday, and with trying to rob a store at the same mall, told bird faces multiple charges, including rape, assault, gun charges, robbery and theft, he's being held without bond. Next to the WTO P traffic

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