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That's my jam. Dude i will never get tired of this flavor of psych rock ever. Yeah i knew love did i just knew it so this is like the perfect like you said psych rock right but shoe gaze at all the all the right ways to. It's like a perfect blend of shoe gays and psychedelic at that wall. Sound wall sound. I love the like the contrast of the vocals soft breathy classic cashew gays vocals plus that wall of sound and the psychedelic flair. That the attitude like it's a great great like balance. You know what i mean. Yeah and that drumbeat. That drumbeat is as a perfect like right. That psych rock pocket. I don't know i like. There's there's a certain kinda beat that goes along with his style of music that i i'm a huge fan of it. It's usually pretty simple and always just keeps driving forward and the song Yeah didn't i love it. Love it yes. So that whole record against called poly som- it is in that that same beppe that pocket. Right it's kind of like team and brand of of psychedelic like here and there. You know and then travis. I'm so glad you sat brother. Oh man what a perfect transition. I knew you had team in paula list. So i figured you would. You would play him all ya after this track as good a good flow. So yeah how can we talk about. Twenty twenty and new records without talking about team impalas very highly anticipated record. Sakib tell us what you got here. Yeah so it was early twenty twenty. I was still working in the office early. How still going into going into work everyday. I remember my my buddy or my coworkers. Who's also tame impala fan. We kinda geeked out about it. You see if i can pull up the date your yeah. This was very beginning of the year. Dude you're gonna make me get get depressed here because we had team impala tickets man. I know dude god. I'm sorry sorry so my internet. Swear cool man. I would be better off using my phone area. Yes oh so. We're talking about the slow rush and this was tame impala Latest album came out and february of this year. I listen to it as soon as it came out and so it's no secret that we were huge. Kevin parker fans. I'm glad that you said his name. Because you have to like you have to tame. Impala is kevin parker right. So it's like it's good to remind people like this is. This is kevin parker. Really you know. This is all kevin parker. If you see tame impala live. It's kevin parker with all of his friends. All of his friends from his friends are tagging along to pull off a live. Show yeah I tried really hard to leave off the obvious choices on my favorites list. You know tame impala being an obvious favorite same with the strokes left off fleet foxes but this song made it on the list because so this is the first track on the slow rush. And when i heard it dude i just i got so excited. It just made it obvious like all right. This is going to be another amazing tame. Impala record and kevin is continuing to evolve with the sound. And i'm so excited to hear the rest of the album and this to the song is easily the might be one of my favorites like in the top five favorite songs of the year. It's just something about the song. Yeah i mean you know with him. Apollo you know that you're going to be taken on a journey right so this is like yeah the first track so this is the cow. He chose to start this records journey off for the listener. Yeah and like you said. It's tame impala so like when you as all of us did who have been sort of anxiously awaiting the next impala record to drop like the The excitement level is so high. Like when you hit play you know because you're like all right one of my in store for here. You know like wh what could work. Could he possibly go from. Currents you know like what's next okay. So here is the first track on tame impala album the slow.

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