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I like like buster chop sometimes from the you know like i i do it because i realize these down the college like they they have sensitivities the things in the world and other people and like you know i this based on how i grew up with this guy. You gotta fuck this bat right now. As i get older like not a fucking faggots. It wasn't my twenty s mature. You grow fuck up and you realize that you did or didn't do was dislike was nonsense. You're realizing that your time on her thirty olo yet realizing you get up some morning. Do you need her. You know doing some you know like whatever you're getting older and you have to do you have to be more mindful of the world around you cocaine. How can i. How can do little things little tiny thing to make. Somebody's life easier to to give gratitude. You give all everybody wants to give give worry about this. It's not like when you get his and you you. You are mind to somebody more sensitive. You're gonna get that back you'll get it back to you give sensiti this sensitivity to this person you'll get it back. Gratitude dispersed in. You just have to realize that. It's all me having like older like i'm still trying to trying to do you know where i'm at right now. Yeah d- do you. Do you think that if you weren't an actor based on allah like clears what he's prone to do. I feel like. I can connect with you on a very deep level from where we were in our adolescence in terms of getting into trouble and and getting kicked out with because of drinking and partying and all that stuff you know people in my family used to say. If it weren't for acting leaving town i would have died. I mean i would have died. Why would get trouble with a drink too much. I would have taken over the bar. And i would run into the ground. If i didn't have acting. I would not be the person i am today in in every aspect and it's it's allowed me to grow at a certain way knowing you and knowing knowing how you work at how you think did it did acting help you grow in terms of your character and maturity and what would have happened if you didn't act Didn't i'd probably be my hometown now. Like fucking million fucking studio apartment drinking being the prestigious shit right honestly the acting getting that the sensitivity academia organise acting gave me access to people that i wouldn't have never met had not left my hometown. Y'all has made me a better person as if you stick around people they just like you and act like you all the time. What the funky doing you're not growing. You're not growing. You're not you're not coming. I personally have become more coach at person to infamous them. It's scary it's scary. Sometimes because it's unfamiliar we always fear things natural radical. Nobody says you always feel it should be. You don't know it's just a natural human reaction but you have to take a leap faint in get to know that because that's how things are going to get better. That's how things you know melt together. That's how we become better. People become better people. we become a better society society. Ountry nervous country andrea better world. All slow it slow it's None of us are gonna fuck and see it in our lifetime but you have to trust it in that it's gonna pass on. We're gonna consider said it better myself. We'll know that you're a bunch of stuff that you're you're working on. We've already mentioned. But where can we find the next big project that you're in so stay tuned for an still happening right now. A this project right now and trying to see where that goes. We haven't even like i'm still in coining so we have having. Subduction reached having line of meeting out so but it's going to be awesome You can find me on instagram on facebook a while ago. So i'm just on instagram Hydro dot are dot. You find love awesome. Thank you so much for being here. This was this was great. Thanks out of baking. He got the handyman. Absolutely your wealth of information man. You've had wonderful experiences. I think you're going to help a lot of people so We're grateful that you came on. Yeah thank you if you're a while back get fucked. Let's do it for stopping by men. Of course guys thank you so much. Take care later. Reciter what a wealth of information. Yeah you know. what's so. Cool as you know he could have hung it up. After at twenty when he when he got kicked out for partying which then led him to jodi which then led him to michael which then led him to harden curtis which then led him to his entire the rest of his life so like i just love the fact that something like that happened sure that night he was like what did i do. Oh my god and the idea that if things happen you have no idea where that's gonna lead and so these kind of sure. Maybe you shouldn't party all the time while you're while you're training and and you know causing havoc or whatever that allows them to say you need to leave but at the same time when things do happen that don't go your way like you get fired from a show or you didn't get that job you know we just had that interview with robin and robin lord. Taylor talked about how he got gotham because he was down to the wire with another actor in this other show like a year or so before and he was so upset that he didn't get the show but look what happened. Get got him to gotham. And that's the reason you know so all these like step backs that we think are like the end of our lives are really just allowing us to be richard into this other place the announced you know you look at somebody who's just doing so fucking well and it is only thirty. It's young and you know you look back at it and it's like if it wasn't for jody if it wasn't for these singular people who gave him the push that he needed that he didn't even know he needed but we're at the right place at the right time said the right things and it just absolutely changed everything for him. It's just really incredible such already and he's he's such a good guy. I yeah what a great guy great. That was a good one. I ambulances going. Why don't you do the altro already. Everybody thank you so much for tuning into another episode of before the break you can find out more about book. It and before the break it book at nyc dot com close and instagram at before the break pod and book it underscore nyc in check out all the time he stuff at tommy beard more dot com and follow him at tommy beyond you can check out all my stuff at decarlo dot com and on the i g at that atom decarlo. Don't forget to hit. Subscribe leave a rating and write a review. If you like what you hear next time tommy. Yes pleasure. Always by everybody..

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