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Longer with us anymore. Could I Die? Scott Johnson from power lines running the board now Appreciate it. Thousands. Your rodeo queen now. Rob doors. The rodeo queen robbed Orson studio with this as well. But yeah, as we dive into this, the story and a hat tip to this was Deanna Winter again, right? She was a prison. Yes, Gina Winter was the first one in Minnesota reformer to to talk about this. The other outlets have picked up on it as well. Minneapolis City Council members accused mayor of skirting the law with the got contractors. A lot of details that we want to Share with you before we knew that though I'm interested to go around the room and Scott Johnson, we'll start with you. And then and then you, rob. Um what do you think? Where do you think at the moment? That Minneapolis is heading based off of what we know. We still have. 38th and Chicago closed down the autonomous zone is still there, apparently and rob. Maybe you can give some more details. In a moment. There's kind of there continues to be a push and pull in uptown in the closing of the streets there, where where Winston was was shot by that task force. So, Scott, Where do you What do you seen? As you know, the next year or six months of Minneapolis? Where do you think we're heading? Well, we'll get some clarification, I guess in the elections that are scheduled for this year, But what strikes me right now is is the level of paralysis in the city that the George Floyd thing is just a classic example. It would be great to have a voice of institutional civic responsibility like the Star Tribune. Uh, exercising its responsibility under these circumstances, but that the George flirts George Floyd Square law enforcement what has been delegated to this nonprofit octopi that's run by former gang bangers who have not been able to do the job. They were asked to clear the area. They cleared it, and and it's been taken over and closed again. What about the people within who live within that that four block area there left to the tender mercies of the agape a group? How does that work? What? And who's saying anything about it? It's just apparently it goes on day after day, and, uh and and silence is golden. It really is sick. Rob, What do you think we're heading right now, and he's going to stay like this for a while. Or do you think they'll eventually get stuff? You know, open back up again. I think, eventually it it's going to get there. The the catalyst for that. I'm not quite sure I'm not sure if it's going to be the you know, enough of the residents and businesses coming together and actually suing the city, uh, to get it back open. I don't know if it's going to be Just people. Eventually, people grow tired of this, or there's a new, shiny object that they gravitate towards. Uh, so yeah, Something's going to happen, but I don't know how long it will be or or what that catalyst will be. But it's hard to say we had an interesting honor affair. Conversation yesterday, talking about the entities in in downtown and He had the twins, you know, and you mentioned it on the air because you went to a game on on Friday last week, but commentary from other individuals concerned about going downtown when the Vikings get underway. I'm wondering what kind of impact that's going to have. And if there are conversations going on behind the scenes, saying, We've got to figure something out soon, because we just have people coming down for the twins, But as things open back up, there's potentially more people and a lot of people don't want to go downtown. Right now. The sports franchises carry a lot of weight. I mean, you know, they throw around a lot of weight, and they should Obviously, I mean, they're important and they drive people to the city. They drive economic activity to the city. Uh, I don't know. I mean, I have not heard that they are throwing that weight around. Would be shocked. If they're not. I would be very shocked to learn that there have been no no. There's been no outreach from the twins or the Vikings or the wild or the Timberwolves or the links or even Minnesota United or any of these organizations to local government leaders and state government leaders, saying guys You're killing us. You know where we we? We need fans. We want fans are concession workers need fans. I mean, there are thousands and thousands of jobs that depend on that economic activity that surrounds these sports franchises. And if there if those sports franchises are not using their leverage To pressure walls and pressure Fry and pressure Carter and anybody else in that chain of command that that that that, can you then I would be I would be shocked and incredibly disappointed. I don't know if the sports franchises are feeling the hurt yet, though, because what could be there? Still, I mean, like, I'm going to our first United game of the season on Wednesday and there at half capacity Still, well, that's that's in Midway, ST Paul. So it's a little bit outside of the craziness. But Godspeed Yeah, yeah, no. Still got to get their hyper paradise. I know where I know where that is. Godspeed, sir. Fair enough. Fair enough. Uh, but the, uh so I don't know if they're really feeling the hurt, but I think once their full capacity if there are still people who are reluctant to go to Twins games, or they're reluctant to go to Vikings give because of what's going on. I think you're going to see a very sharp increases the pressure from these franchises. I would hope so. How many people are like me who are mad at the Twins for sanctifying? George Floyd? Uh, And putting a minor league team on the field. In the meantime, I mean, it's the other. Yeah, it's hard to sort out. You know your bad there the the reason for the pathetic size of the crowds with the return to attempted return to normalcy downtown. Well, they don't have. They're not going to have to what Rob was saying. They're not going to have the cover of covid anymore. I mean, they have the cover of Covid last year..

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