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As a podcast, podcasts are deal with becoming a better podcaster, which are essential listening. With the school of podcasting right at the top of that list, followed closely by ask the podcast coach and the feed. They are much listened to podcasts. But as for the question at hand, what is my favorite podcast and why? Well, my answer has changed several times since you posed the question earlier in the month, but I have settled on one. At least for today, tomorrow could be different. But here and now it is the bob left sets podcast. Allow me to share my reasons. First of all, bob has put out a regular newsletter for many years, mainly about the entertainment industry and America at large. He goes deep into the newsletter. And frankly, it for me got to be just a long wall of words and words that I often didn't have the time to fully read. So about a year ago I discovered that he had a podcast. I was pretty stunned at his guest list, which included Jeff garlin, Grace Slick, Titus, will of her who plays Bosch on television, Jimmy Buffett, Joe bonamassa, Jimmy Kimmel, Judy Collins, Paul Anka, even Donny Osmond and pat Boone. Both of which I could have cared less about, but was stunned by the depth of the interview that bob sits did with these two. He has a way of asking questions that at first seemed intrusive and really over the top personal. Questions like, what did you do with all of your money? And your marriage broke up. Tell me what happened. Was it your fault or her fault? Or his fault or her fault? I was fascinated by the guests honest answers. It was clear that bob lifts had gained their trust very important. He also is an extremely attentive listener. He doesn't have a set list of questions, but rather the questions originate from what the guest is saying. And when there's an uncomfortable pause, he lets it.

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