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His almost universal excellence is starting to disturb me might just be one of the stark. His autobiographical sentiments found in any of Mr Castells, reams of words and phrases. Even the answer feels uniquely opaque, clever, not content to speak of process or time management. It's a double entendre that describes both the means and methods of how he approaches his work. We cannot blow our own horn, but if our twin does it, why not report on that as well? He's trapped in his own parallel dimension. That's why I'm so forgiving, but how could could I possibly forget to mention those fifty foot women who put the fascination back into my science fiction twin. Science Fiction! Twin Brags for we see. He's forgiven since he's not of this world, remember a few verses ago. The twin was sipping a vintage year contemplating surrendering to what could be interpreted as stately athletic Amazon's. Apparently, the twin actually has regained his sense of fascination. It might've taken trial and error, but it has been accomplished nevertheless. Again! This has been a slow drag with my science fiction twin from nineteen ninety three's brutal youth. It's a silly piece about an alter ego that seems to be a thinly veiled glimpse into the inner thoughts of a true genius. But it is also very adapted pulling the curtain quickly before too much is revealed. What I particularly enjoy is the spectacular adjectives scattered throughout connected, necessary, surrendering corrupted, sarcastic forgiving. It's part autobiography and part fortune telling. It's an unexpected piece. That continues to amuse and baffle. And that's it for today. Slow. Drag my friend. Thank you for listening. Brutal youth is an exceptional album. It is a joy to revisit so I encourage you to religion to episode eight of slow drag with remedy the word that she wanted a slow drag with twenty percent Amnesia as well as episode twenty six, before you start to cry a slow drag with you trip that every step both episodes slow drags with more gems from.

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