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The French since the spring of nineteen forty one the Nazis showed up instead of fighting Royer post like English Americans. What are the Frenchies to come on in eight no wave Nonni? Hold on there. Did Baylor rear ends out in the revolutionary war Frederick von Steuben drill sergeant came over and gave the militia members some order some discipline and allow George seventeen. Let them talk to lead forces in crush, Georgia. Seven. I'm going. They were good in the beginning. But they got to say the Nazis come into our country takeover, everything that was an act of cowardice Winston Churchill no fight you in the villages into begs fight you on the mountain tops in the baddies fate. You know, the Frenchies. The Frenchies the French the French and fact, I don't eat French fries, and I don't French kiss because of that record. If it wasn't for the French. You would be wearing. Wait a minute. Now that your little your little valvoline there could be from our county. I don't know. How's it possible? This building's been burning for two and a half hours and just now the one measly stream of water flown in on. How's that the French were there Notre Dame cathedral in two years? I mean unbelievable. So apparently, there's you know, obviously outside is is brick and stone and everything, but the beginning of the building was built in like, I think eleven sixty three something like that. And but inside all the thirteen thousand oak trees were cut down in the twelfth century to build all the structures and the buttresses and things like that. And that's what's going up right now. I saw the movie Hunchback another name. I never liked the place ever since. Then they didn't treat that guy. Right with the bad back now that instrumentation. They didn't train them right now. Rachel your reaction. I've been watching it in my office. Very sad. It's so sad. Tiger Woods has. No hope. None. None going down. You don't like the French either. How about no? But I respect the fact that they helped us around more in two hundred center jets over to Iraq or something didn't help us there. They wouldn't let us go over their country. That's right. That's what they win. It's a sad thing. But every time I see emergency services in France. Do anything I'm very very happy to be an American. Foolish. Stupid Princess Di had a torn artery in her. Lung took him four to five hours the hospital and she bled out. It's all connected to this. Also, revolutionary war day, Sanderson Gilman film. It's all connected somehow, the French or cowards. They've always been cowards there yellow belly cowards. And there always will be cowards. So I wanna start on the French. I don't like the French to say now, Rachel. Always always rocketed question. I asked you he won't answer it. Yes. He will. Tiger Woods is three aspects of his life number one physical breakdown. Yes. Kelly. Ten days back four, Mike. You have all those problems. That's number one. Number two,.

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