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That have been evacuated from this fire here in Ventura county in the valley thirteen hundred acres have been burned Ilham says well high winds remain an issue in fighting the Kincaid fire in northern California they're dwarfed by what they're experiencing in southern California the head of US Central Command says Islamic state leader of a Buck R. L. Big Daddy was buried at sea after a weekend raid on this compound in northwest Syria just wanna Barbara Starr reveals new information on Baghdad he's final moments they believe that at some point from that total position Baghdadi fired back or attempted to fire back that's a new piece of information not a lot of references to how the president described that Daddy's last last moments the federal reserve cut its benchmark interest rate for the third time this year to a range between one and a half and one and three quarters percent corresponding Christina less she says the fed's action follows this morning's read on the U. S. economy which indicates it has slowed a bit it's decelerating and at this point the the one point nine percent read that we got really makes it unclear to me how we get to the four percent growth that Donald Trump promised the American people I don't see how he delivers that this year with the reader that we've got on the GDP numbers lawmakers on Capitol Hill blasted Boeing and peppered its CEO today with questions about the design and marketing of the seven thirty seven Max the plane involved in two crashes that killed three hundred and forty six people see Dennis Miller Berg conceded some mistakes were made but he resisted multiple calls to resign.

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