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Cardio everyone team was a no brainer for me. Urban by your is in Jacksonville. NFL has always been intrigued, had some opportunities in the past. But this wasn't the right time and the NFL divisional playoffs have arrived. Combined Common Drew has thrown for 100, Miles, Yannis Lights up Milwaukee Janos against Willie Cauley Stein a three pointer it's up, Got it. Hey, LeBron shows down was Iona's Staples Center. Fronts doing from the right side and chanted. It's a 15 0 run for the Lakers. This is SportsCenter all night. Now. Here's Jim Basque. Will the beard speak, said It's Yonas verse. Luca from the NBA. And How about Brady verse breeze one more time. Welcome to SportsCenter all night on ESPN radio. In the ESPN APP. I'm Jim basketball. We begin with the association with what's become the league's soap opera of a team. We have an update on the whereabouts of Kyrie Irving. That's guard Kyrie Irving out the last five games for personal reasons. MBA finder being $50,000 for violating health and safety protocols for visiting a private with your party. Yeah, the MBA hitting carrier ring in the pocket for violating health and safety protocols. In addition to getting that 50 grand fine. He's also hit with each game he's missed during the five day in quarantine, so forfeiting salaries for games Miss Couple with the fine, he's losing nearly 900,000 Keep in mind. Irving has missed the last five games for personal reasons that it will extend to six. As do the protocols. He will miss tonight's game against the Magic Mallika Andrews on SportsCenter. While carries quarantine actually ends on Saturday, the league has allowed for teams to place players who have been out due to their covert protocols into their health and safety protocols for a couple of days that they can ramp up their on court activity. What they're trying to avoid in this is having players come out of being away from basketball and Kyrie Urban's case he hasn't played since January. 5th. And have them work out a little bit before they go back to the court. So that's what's going on here. Carrie, if you don't already know was seen in a video on social media during his absence at an indoor family party while not wearing a mask. He's the second player to be fined. For that reason, the other New TV H. James Harden, the Brooklyn Nets are acquiring Houston's.

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