Amazon, Oxford Street Bridge, President Trump discussed on Glenn Beck


Com subscribe there as well George Morris newsradio nine twenty and one oh four seven FM here's what's happening and excessive heat warnings been issued for Rhode Island for the weekend heat index values today are expected to get up to one hundred for like city council scheduled a special meeting Saturday to vote on additional funding for its public schools Iran is dismissing president trump's claim that the navy destroyed and Iranian drone the boss thought that Charlotte play up a call a six thirty five the pregame red Sox are at Baltimore get news twenty four seven on demand news radio all rights dot com now here's your storm team ten forecast Friday we'll see mostly sunny skies will be hazy hot and humid with a high near eighty eight but with the high humidity or of course will feel even hotter and that hot air was going to stick around through the weekend Saturday mostly sunny high ninety eight and Sunday will be sunny as well with a high near ninety nine I'm starting ten meteorologist Kelly Bates on newsradio nine twenty and one oh four seven FM radio nine twenty one oh four seven FM traffic here slow right now on route four south to north Kingstown between ten rod road and one ninety five looks like lots of folks are headed to the beaches and if you're traveling on ninety five north you're slow between Thurber's after one ninety five with the lane shift to the left as part of the ongoing Oxford Street bridge project I'm Jacki marquee on newsradio nine twenty and one oh four seven FM this report is brought to you by true car looking to buy a car online shopping can be confusing not anymore with true price from true car now you can know the exact price you'll pay for the car you want and see what other people pay for two when you're ready to buy a new or used car if it's a true car to enjoy a more confident car buying experience speaker during Amazon prime day are ahead of the crowd and already have one I heard radio put Alexa to work for you can give your trip to Vegas to experience the I heart radio music festival front row super easy you're free I heard radio account annual exam next elec simply be.

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