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Support. I'm serious. I wish that i had ordered dessert as well. That's not just rob. How do you agree with that. Assessment of wills that. It's okay to eat in front of friends like that. I suppose so. I mean it. It's it's the thing. I've laughed the most about over the course of the of the podcast as far so i believe that i. I suppose it's good. It's good for forbids. all right. good forbids robyn. Thank you for being here. This has been just wonderful. That's it no. I don't think we're done you gonna. I also do want to know. I do want to know because you with with the foot football right. We don't say southern football football team and you seem to really light up when you're talking about all that business side. Where are you as far as passion with the the the art of the craft of acting or do you see yourself in the future more going that way. Oh oh i thought it was going for the passion of football which i actually would like to address for a second. Because i've heard mr net talk about his newfound passion for formula one racing. And i and i i'd like to say that like when i bring this up. A americans american on is obviously this is. Football is the biggest sport in the world and yet it doesn't have a passionate american fan base and there's a lot of different reasons to y. I've heard people sound like excuses to me in the same way that there's not a lot of passion for racing however is passion for nascar just not in our particular of hollywood bubble. That said i think once you are in beverly hills yes. I think that as we all know when you're exposed to something new which by the way is a common theme of this seems to be the theme of this particular episode when you're exposed to something new and you're open to it open to the possibilities and if it's if the story is told correctly then you realize that the thing itself the sport itself Is becomes irrelevant in this. In the same way that like who gives a shit about who can put a ball in a hoop or who can the story is. What's most important. Is you get invested in the club you get invested in the team you get invested in the human human beings who are behind. Who are on the pitch who court who are in the cars and that's what you're right the same thing with formula one once. I watched that series on netflix. And i got hooked into the story of these guys but shots your other question about like what am i. Am i pushing in that direction to get away from the the entertainment business side of or the acting side of it. No because as we all everybody on this podcast knows it. The acting is the easiest part and the funnest part for. I think it's some of you have an entrepreneurial spirit. Though you're you're you're enjoying sort of. I think it's great and now a word from our sponsor we are supported by cb md guy. Summer's just around the corner and things are starting to get closer to normal alleluia. Which means more and more people are getting out and getting active for the first time in a while in even though it might be amazing to feel this summer sun on your skin exercising after a long break and leave you wishing for another chance to stay inside for a month but don't worry about it because our good friends at cbd md. Have exactly what you need to stay relaxed refreshed and recharged as you re enter society. Cbd freeze with menthol is award-winning gel. Product that offers instant temporary cooling relief for muscles and joints in a convenient and easy to use roller or sharable squeezed. To and cd relieved with lighter cane fuses. Cbd hybrid broad spectrum. Formula with fast acting ladder came to help provide temporary relief for minor aches and pains. I play piano. I play piano for many many years and a lot of times. My forearms in my wrists and my fingers will get little achey. And i put cbd on there all the time. I used to be deep-freeze with menthol. And that.

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